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Published: 05 December 2017

Posted by: Dibaushe

As an extensively published, well-known writer and magazine editor for decades, and a one-time ”Top Ranked Number One Author” on the Fanstory site, I can tell you with authority that Fanstory is NOT a legitimate writing site. It’s a narcissistic little online reality show run by spiteful, cowardly, no-talent schoolyard bullies. With a few notable exceptions, most of the writing there is pure unpublishable garbage. Fanstory’s owner and Supreme Ruler For Life, Tom Ens, is a despotic, draconian internet scam-artist who rules his little fantasy kingdom through fear, intimidation, repression of intelligent thoughts and ideas, and the deliberate encouragement of competitive discord between members. A big part of his well-developed strategy is to divide and rule, just like a dictatorship, keeping members in line under the constant threat of Big Brother watching. This maniac has gone so far as to imply that he monitors the private email accounts of members, in order to revoke their membership for violating his ”site terms” and speaking out about his atrocities, even in private. Fanstory is an Orwellian nightmare. It’s owner works his malevolent little con-game through obvious favoritism to a few no-talent cronies and the iron-fisted enforcement of all sorts of arbitrary little rules, regulations and ”site terms” which are exclusively and entirely subject to his personal interpretation. Like the Wizard of Oz, this creep has been able to get away with terrorizing his shivering minions from behind a curtain of anonymity for years now. Most of the members don’t even know that the draconian “Tom” who threatens them with expulsion for the most petty of infractions is a real person. In his narcissistic little fantasy bubble of illusory omnipotence, this money-hungry weirdo and his unfortunate subjects seem to have lost touch with the reality that there are real consequences in the real world outside of Fanstory, where unprincipled scam-artists like this can and will be held accountable for their crimes. I, for one, am in the process of initiating a lawsuit against this abomination of a ”writer’s site” and its owner, Tom Ens for the many absurd outrages committed against me and my work during my time as a ”Top Ranked” member there. If you’re looking for a real, legitimate writer’s workshop online, avoid Fanstory like the Black Hole of Calcutta. Its advertising policy borders on criminally misleading, and the whole thing just stinks to high heaven. Don’t drink the Fanstory Kool Aid, or you will regret it.

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