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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

So the ad said on craigslist Full Size 125cc Quads – $750 (323) 588-6634 So I called them up spoke to “John” Im assuming not his real name but his American name he goes by. 125cc and full size…. in body of ad — Brand New 125cc Utility ATV Quad for only $750. Come see them for yourself in our showroom. These aren’t the small little quads. These are pretty much full size and perfect for teenagers and available in various colors. They are Fully Automatic and have a Reverse gear as well. In addition, they come with a built in speed governor and a remote kill switch. The speed governor will control the speed down to 5-10 MPH while the remote kill switch will allow you to shut off the ATV if your child is going too far or too fast! Call JOHN @ (323) 588-6634 for more info. I talked to him for 30 mins, very nice on phone, told him I am 3 hrs drive away and to put 2 aside for me… I rented a truck and drove there to get em as pictures are nice… I have 4 kids at home and wife we wanted 2 to go have fun on etc. I get there and I cant even get my foot on the footrest, I wear a size 9 1/2 mens and my feet would not fit on the peg foot shelf area, there are mini quads not nearly full size or full size even though the ad in bold says full size. these units were of poor manufacture as the “technician” asseblying mine had to use a happer to make parts fit and they just barely fit, fit and finish as welll as plastic quality was very low. They should have a average person in the pics so people can determie size… and be honest in thier description. WARNING stay away, “John” became verbally abusive when I told him that we did not want them and felt mislead. This is not how Americans want to do business. Im not racist and have many friends of all ethnicities, but this was weird right out of a bad tv commerical. I wasted lots of money going there on the rental and thee gas only to be lied to and have the product misrepresented then I was verbally abused as we left.

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