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Beware! Scam to Steal your money and personal information!

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Published: 21 May 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I suspected my computer had a virus. It kept shutting off unexpectedly and it was acting weird. Being that it was my work computer and I needed it to make a living I had no time to wait to take it into a place and wait days for it to come back. After a little research online I found Fast Fix 123. Seemed perfect for what I needed!

I gave them a call, and the rep told me I was in luck because of a current promotion. I didn’t think twice when they told me it would take a couple of hours and my problem would be fixed remotely. I would also get a lifetime guarantee with them. I should’ve known it was too good to be true. They access my computer and I can see what they do through my screen. While this is happening, I’m not allowed to be on it of course. 10 hours go by and nothing. I waited an entire 26 1/2 hours for my computer to be running again. I paid off the charges on my credit card and went about my work.

A week later my computer starts having the same problem it initially had and it seemed nothing had changed. Since I was told at the beginning there was a guarantee, I gave them a call to complain. The representative told me that they scanned my computer and this was not the same problem it initially had, and they would need to charge me again since it was a different problem. I refused to pay because I knew it was the same thing happening again. I went about life and took my computer to Best Buy and had it fixed. Months go by and I see a bunch of random charges on my card to Fast Fix 123! They kept charging me for a work they did not complete! Their company is a complete scam and not worth trying!

You’re better off just taking your computer to best buy and having legit coverage.

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