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Fast Fix Jewelry repair Review

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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

FAST FIX JEWELRY & CELL PHONE REPAIR ; Century City California; LEVEL A Next to Gelson’s The bad reviews speak for themselves. They try to get yelp and other sites to bury or remove the valid reviews and meanwhile have their friends post positive ones. But needed to make sure I warn other unsuspecting folks like myself so they do not have the same experience I did. I took my iphone 4S here to get repaired for a cracked screen, they gave me it back hours later stating nothing could be done, but apple opened it up and said the phone they gave me was not the phone apple sold me. It was an iphone 4, not even an S. I also spoke with Verizon and someone else activated and started using my phone ???? I took this bad phone back and asked them to open it up and confirm and confronted the shop and they claimed they didn’t have their tools to do it and only had one phone which was mine and no way someone else could have it. THEY CLAIMED THEY HAD NO CLUE, BUT VERIZON CONFIRMED MINE WAS DEACTIVATED AND THEN AFTER I HAD TO BUY A NEW ONE, MY OLD ONE WAS USED BY SOMEONE ELSE. Also my bank information, emails, and all private photos and items were accessed while the phone was in their store, additionally my “”FIND MY PHONE”” feature was deactivated and the photo streaming was turned off so I couldn’t recover or back up my photos to another phone. I LOST ALL MY MEMORIES, WORK, AND IRREPLACEABLE THINGS SINCE SOMEONE TURNED OFF FIND MY PHONE AND PHOTOSTREAMING AFTER I LEFT THE SHOP. I wish i had read the reviews and researched all the horror stories about this location online before this and could avoid same disaster me and soooo many more obviously had!!! I have filed a police report against them and will pursue all legal actions! This place ruined my life and destroyed a work project I was working on and lost items that cost me money as well as had to buy a new IPHONE 5S and also sign a 2year contract (over $900 in losses in new equipment and service; and over $1,000 in just old phone and everything I lost).. Im a real person and this is a real review. But im sure their manager (Pia T) will try to post some illegitimate excuse for why this happened to me or ask yelp to delete my valid review. I truly hope they answer for these crimes that happened to me. They said they don’t care and were even laughing that since the police didn’t think it was a felony that they won’t return my phone or care to help me. I hope the state attorney shuts them down for fraud – HOW CAN A CONSUMER be expected to go to a cell phone repair shop and expect for the repair shop to be the reason their phone gets stolen and sold to a criminal??

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