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A fraudulent pyramid scheme may be in the works

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Published: 25 June 2019

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Fast Trak Inc. has been at the heart of several controversies over the years and notably so for its supposedly unique pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes have always been in vogue despite efforts by administrative authorities to regulate them and bring them under multiple controls. Fast Trak Inc. may be running a fraudulent pyramid scheme in the guise of an honest and well-managed operation, going by the sheer multitude of complaints against them in recent years. There is also a hiring linked debate; the company has been seen advertising management and HR positions and actually getting people to do door to door sales work in the bargain. This is unethical and has been called out by several ex-employees and prospective applicants alike. 


What does Fast Trak Inc. actually do? 


The company claims to be helping other corporates get on track with their marketing and sales campaigns. The company claims to have tailored its knowledge of marketing and sales on the basis of the clients that it has served and acquired over the years and also the industries that they wish to get a firmer foothold in. The official website of the company states that its representatives make use of personable and modern techniques for scaling up overall penetration of markets in various sectors. This is also due to the company’s retail network majorly and this has been described as extensive. The team members at the company endorse products in our portfolio as per the website towards consumers in the United States of America who have the money to spend on the same. 

Fast Trak Inc. also has a section dedicated towards impacting their clients in terms of positive and gainful business development. The performance of a good product with regard to overall sales and exposure to retail markets is the difference as noted by the company and it is aware of the items that it can represent well and fuses this with the key knowledge of sectors that it functions in, thereby helping companies market better while breaking previous perceptions of specific business sectors. It also helps to spread the word to show to the public why they should be excited- and invest in particular products as per the website. 

Fast Trak Inc. does not just leave it there. The company also has something for customers who are buying products with them. They will always be part of one big happy family and hopefully will keep buying in the future. Marketing done by Fast Trak Inc. is supposedly even more powerful as compared to buying online and commercials on television as the website proudly states. It also promises to offer customers experiences which are better than shopping at stores. The low prices that are offered on all the products helps it compete in retail segments and draw more buyers and there is reportedly a customer care wing where all buyer queries are addressed although nothing much is clearly stated on this front. 

Now, the big question is, everything above has been stated in compelling and persuasive language but did you know that such so-called marketing schemes could really be fraudulent pyramid schemes in disguise? There is also a hiring angle to it that we will be going into sometime later. For the moment, let us talk about the complaints (although many of them must have been suppressed by the company on a regular basis) which prove how Fast Trak Inc. may be more dangerous than you know, particularly when it comes to doing business. 


Why Fast Trak Inc. may be taking people for a ride 

Innumerable complaints have poured in over the years against Fast Trak Inc, only to be removed strangely from websites and forums. The company must have people tracking this and taking action immediately in order to keep customers and team members immune from knowledge about its fraudulent activities. Several people have complained over the years although not much action has been taking, at least nothing that is substantial and the sad part is that the company continues to operate and advertise like nothing’s really wrong with its process. 

One complaint posted in the year 2016 (you’ll find more information here- clearly states how Fast Trak Inc. is running a fraudulent door to door sales activity which is a pyramid scheme in reality. This is contracted via Verizon for soliciting and canvassing for Fios services. There are several jobs which are advertised by the company as managerial level openings although they are basically revolving around door to door sales opportunities. Employees have complained, as per the complainant with regard to their compensation. The advertisements given by the company are hugely misleading and they exploit people, denying them the advertised salaries or hourly payments that they are otherwise entitled to. Qualified people are lured by Fast Trak Inc and ultimately get trapped in such jobs which are themselves a sham and this is intentionally done by the company. 

Such complaints have poured in from several other quarters as well. On the 6th of June, 2017, another complainant wrote that after being accused of malpractices, Fat Trak Inc. temporarily shifted gears to a new name which was Brightside Management and a new website was also set up called This was nothing like a new tenant who took over the address of the company. The same fraudulent management team was running the show albeit with a new shadier identity. The same tactics of doing business was being applied in this case as were being applied by Fast Trak Inc. This complainant went for an interview with the company and they misled him, stating that he was being interviewed for a HR or management opening. However, this was due to the fact that they realized that he could be easily lied to and not called back for another interview. He then saw that the same people from Fast Trak Inc. were there in the office. He also asked the receptionist at the office whether he was being interviewed for a direct hiring to a position in Human Resources. He also talked of how he stated that a company named Fast Trak Inc. operated here and they had a reputation for stating and advertising all over that they were hiring management positions and then taking interviews for sales jobs in reality. The complainant did not get any satisfactory responses and decided to junk the interview which in retrospect was a wise thing. 

Another complainant delves a little into the pyramid marketing aspect of it all, stating that it is a multi-level marketing (MLM) pyramid scheme that is being deployed by Fast Trak Inc. He also stated that several people are in the know and quite a lot of information can actually be found here- 

Every single individual who has gone for interviews with Fast Trak Inc. has called it a major scam and so has been the prevailing sentiment in the reviews although the company seems to be good at getting them to vanish from several forums. Some people have also reported that they felt terribly unsafe during their experience with Fast Trak Inc. Deception is used in good measure to attract people to take interviews where a lot of money is often promised along with future advancement in terms of the position. However, people are mostly seen doing 12 hour sales jobs going door to door and no positions are available at any given time. This scam is quite common and there have been several warnings issued by the authorities regarding the need to avoid these scams and also get the same reported. 

Some employees and interviewees have also reported how offices were really dirty and there were no receptionists hat the front desk to take queries. The whole office was really shabby and really ill-maintained and was not giving off a professional vibe by all means. There were no staff members in the office although there were some people who were waiting to give their interviews. The CEO of the office was really unprofessional, intimidating and rude towards the complainant when some questions were asked by the latter. This was not a place that anyone would like to do business with in the opinion of this complainant. 

Even Fast Trak Inc. employees have blown the whistle on the company’s suspicious operations style. One employee has talked of how the CEO is not a good person to work with while stating that it is all a scam. While working full-time at this company, the employee learnt that interviews don’t make any difference and everything that is advertised is false. People will be made to go door to door for notching up sales irrespective of which position one applies for. The company only gives itself good reviews everywhere and only commissions are given without any base pay whatsoever. The commission is given only when the client signs up for the service provided and buys the same as well. There is a duration of three weeks prior to getting the money in hand. Also, 60% of this commission is unfairly charged by Fast Trak Inc. This employee also clearly states that the company comprises of cheaters, liars and scammers while beseeching people to stop wasting time in giving interviews or buying their products or falling for their marketing schemes. 

Another employee has also anonymously posted on Glassdoor- and you can check this out. The employee has stated clearly that this is possibly the shadiest operation that he/she has ever witnessed in his/her career. This employee clearly writes about how Fast Trak Inc. gets desperate to purchase good reviews and make all negative reviews vanish fast. He/she also writes that for every negative review, Fast Trak Inc. makes sure that at least 10-15 positive reviews appear magically on the page. He/she also says how the jobs are all door to door as mentioned above by other complainants. However, it does not matter as to which position is being applied for as per this review. Every word written on the advertisements is fraudulent and unethical. There are no design, communications and marketing positions open or any administration and management positions. There is no hourly payment and everything else is fraudulent. Commissions will be given for door to door sales and no other benefits are given. The company will try to conceal all facts from the interviewee until he/she fully signs on the dotted line. The HR will always look to trick people into coming here. 

For those taking an interview, they should keep asking many questions about the job profile, payment terms and other information. Answers will always be vague from the company management and the owner Ramses is another fraudulent person as per this employee. The employee calls Ramses a sociopath who gets rude and irritable whenever he is questioned about anything. There is a huge ego at work here and this also affects morale of people working here. The company also has some really nonsensical responses to negative reviews, namely We have no records of you as an employee or a work applicant. This is false since all reviews posted on Glassdoor are anonymous. There is a fraudulent pyramid scheme at work which is always being shielded. There are several tricks played by the company to lure unsuspecting employees and exploit them. You can check out some other information about the company’s fraudulent practices here- 

Here is a video that goes deep into the scam 


You can call it a sting operation of sorts and can watch it here-

Fast Trak Inc. is surely the most terrible place to be for people interviewing for positions advertised which are all false and also customers may be taken for a ride with these pyramid schemes. Exploitation of employees and covering up their tracks are two things done very well by this company as it seems from the complaints posted by employees, ex-employees, interviewees and several other people who have been customers or have followed the company or what it does. The Fast Trak Inc. management deserves severe punishment. Such pyramid schemes should be stopped or should submit to administrative regulation. They should be punished severely for exploiting people with false advertisements and promises. 


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