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Published: 02 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went into the location of: 11275 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066 (310) 390-7831 and did NOT have a very good ordering or dining experience. For what I ordered which consisted of supposedly a large size hamburger WITHOUT cheese, a regular soft drink and a Very Small Fries, the Expensive Price Of $11.43 was Simply Far From Reasonable, nor Worth It! That was a lot of Money to pay for such a Small Meal and In Addition, when I was inquiring at the counter about putting everything on it, they tried to CHARGE ME EXTRA FOR TOPPINGS, such as for Shredded Cheddar Cheese which was NOT the Same Cheese Slices that they charge extra for. This to ME was OVERPRICED and I personally was NOT happy at all with my order, nor the price, period! Since I am was so Angry and Upset over this First Time Experience, I have made out a Very Special Request for a Full Refund In The Amount Of $11. 43 so that I do Not have to contact my Credit Card Company and do the Same Thing! Enclosed, in the attachments, please find several pictures of the food items, along with a copy of my receipt for your reference. When I did contact their corporate office, all they did was forward my letter to the franchisee owner who goes by the name of Sunny Vaid who did absolutely Nothing To Satisfy Me! He just wrote me this Stupid Text which said the following and is written in very Poor English by the way…

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