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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Sales didn’t honor what they said. | Service has not fixed my car after multiple visits | The car sat for 2 months due to health issues. As soon as I was able to drive the vehicle, I noticed issues. I returned the car on 1/9/19. They said I had to allow service to take care of the vibration. I did, and less than a week, 1/14/19, I was back due to the car making a loud roaring noise. | They balance, rotated and aligned the tires. This made the noise worse. I came back again, 1/23/19, spoke with Scott (director of service), he assured me they would take care of it. He said since the car was new it still needed to work out some kinks, and to put at least 1500 miles on it. I did as so, car still sounded awful. | Came back and ask could they put new tires on as he stated. He denied putting new tires on, and advised to go back to sales to see if they could get me out of the car, per him speaking with the GM, Tim Lambert. I went over to sales, they wanted to trade me out of a brand new car, upside down with a higher car note. I then went back to, Scott, which advised me it was out of his hands and to contact the manufacture of the tires. | I did as so, now highly irritated, and they were no help. I filed a complaint, and then was contacted by Scott saying they would get me new tires(after the complaint). I received the tires, now on 2/14/19, the car still was loud, but not as loud, but then another issue arises. | The window seal on the driver side came completely off from around the door. They ordered another one and fix the issue, but then one week later, it came off again with the install of a new seal. On 2/23, the car started making wind noise from the sunroof. Scott said they didn’t hear anything, sent me home. I came back because it got louder, 3/13, and he still said he didn’t hear anything. | Another service tech suggested to let the leak guy take a look. Sure enough, the sunroof had seal damage. Back again in April, the car is still rough and now the sunroof is making a popping sound since they resealed it. Scott, claimed he doesn’t hear anything. It’s a very obvious sound. One of the techs road with me, said they heard it, thought it was the door, but told Scott he didn’t hear anything. | This guy acts like I don’t have a job, would rather spend countless hours going back and forth just to complain. I have not enjoyed this car at all. It saddens me that the dealership won’t stand behind the product. I went back to sales to see if they could take this piece of crap back, and Zeak(sales mgr) told me to file a dispute. | I did as so, had a hearing and Chrysler rep, Louisa Coppola states; they fix the car, it cost me nothing and I have not been inconvenience. News flash, my car is not fix, I’m their 3/4 times a month. They will not take it back and continuously tell me that’s how the car is suppose to be. Now I have to bring my car back to the shop, for this viscous cycle for a brand new car. | I’ve been to this dealership 8 times, and i’m still in a new crap car. I traded in my perfectly good camaro (2017) thinking dodge was great. Now I see nothing but complaints and problems after I purchased their vehicle. IF I CAN ENCOURAGE ONE PERSON, PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS MANUFACTURER!

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These two low lifes cant be trusted! i trusted them and they taken advantage of me leaving me out of pocket almost one thousand pounds. |


When I spoke to this tony guy he was a very nice, and very knowledgable. He assured me the truck was in Excellent condition. Well, after

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