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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The worst decision I made was to purchase a 2015 Ram 3500 truck. It has had NOTHING but problems since driving it off the dealers lot. First, the originial dealerships salesman damaged the truck. Getting it repaired and being compensated for the loss of value was a nightmare. The original factory paint is severely flawed. It has an orange peel texture. Any seasoned automotive painter can tell you, that the paint should be smooth and that an orange peel texture is a major flaw. However, the Chrysler employee that inspected the truck said it was normal and to not worry about it. The truck has had several electrical problems from day one. The truck cab constantly smells of diesel fluid and other noxious gases. This does not matter if the windows are up or down. The truck turns itself on and off while driving. The stereo freezes constantly and causes the truck to shut down. Several times a week the key fob’s can not remote unlock the truck. So i have to use the manual key to open the door. Then it is hit or miss if the truck will start. Whenever I take it to the dealership they claim to have fixed the problems. Yet here I am sitting down to write this nastygram about the issues not being resolved. | Upon calling into Chrysler Customer Care I was transferred to Chiloh in the Enhanced Customer Care department. She assured me that Chrysler would resolve the issues. Chiloh also informed me that there was a SERIOUS recall open on my truck. Apparently Chrysler cut some corners when manufacturing my truck and now the Catalytic Converter and other items regulated by the EPA are failing. This is the same exact problem that got Volkswaggon fined by the Federal Government. One of the byproducts of this defect is I am now getting terrible fuel mileage. Chrysler has known this was an issue for over a year and they have failed to resolve the problem. So not only am I burning Diesel at a higher rate than I should be, I am also creating more polution than my truck is legally supposed to. Chrysler is laughing all the way to the bank about this problem, even though a Class Action Lawsuit was filed in November of 2016 regarding this issue. | Chiloh called me today and told me I would have to pay to have them replace the computer and stereo in my truck. Though the issues with these items prematurly failing is known by Chrysler. Yet another way for Chrysler to rip off the customer and provide subpar customer service. Why should I have to pay them one more dime for placing defective equipment in the truck in the first place? Think I am joking? A google search of the Chrysler 8.4a radio failure will show that this is a KNOWN issue. The search resuluts will show that Chrysler tries to convince the customer to pay for the replacment and wont budge unless you threaten legal action of publicly shame them. The Radio runs several important parts of the truck. Without it, the federally mandated backup camera does not have a monitor. The climate control system can not be operated. Several safety features can not be accessed. Oh and did I not already mention that when the radio crashes, the truck shuts down? Not very safe when this happens at freeway speeds. | When I purchased this truck I was hoping that I was making the right decision. Unfortunately, I should have chosen a different brand and model of truck. Because this one has been nothing short of a nightmare from day one. I suggest that if you are searching for a new truck or vehicle that you AVOID Fiat Chrysler manufactured vehicles completely. However, if you want piss poor customer service and a vehicle that will constantly have recalls, failures and breakdowns…step right up and throw your hard earned money away. | It is my intent to research my states lemon law and see what course of action I should take. If you are having issues similar to mine, I suggest you file a formal complaint with your states consumer protection agency.

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