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Published: 23 May 2018

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The many problems with F.D.S. hum first of all let’s look at the name of the company “Friendly Disposal Service” just how friendly is it? When they send waste collection trucks speeding through neighborhoods with the majority of their trucks not having functional speedometers and little regard for Department of Transportation’s safety requirements, point of fact just recently one of their trucks was turned over on its side from making a high speed turn! When they talk about their customers like they are all idiots who don’t know the difference between mixed trash and recyclables and the people in neighborhoods like Sugar Mill Woods and other community their services are cheap and take for instance the words of one of the owners Ina Ray when addressing the comments posted about F.D.S. as she stated the comments must be from former employees and no-pays? Wow according to Ina Rays’ post it seems that anyone with an unfavorable comment about F.D.S. is either a former employee or a deadbeat customer, no constructive or otherwise comments could be addressed any other way such as addressing the problems to improve their services or employee relations? Let’s also understand the trickledown effect in their lack of friendliness, could it be that the way the employees do their job isa reflection of the way they are treated by the owners their own company? The employees of F.D.S. are amongst some of the lowest paid for this line of work in the entire nation and have an extraordinarily high turnover in the labor force due to a high rate of terminations and office and many of their office staff walking out. Poor management and high levels of abuse are the primary factors for the high turnover both William and Ina Ray rule with emotion rather than policy and exhibit no trust what so ever in anyone constantly observing their facilities staff through camera and microphone systems and often holding inquisitions to find out why individuals were seen talking to one another not ever considering that it could and most likely related to the employees simply doing their jobs. Also let me make clear that these surveillance systems are never ever used for safety reasons and have only served to feed Ina and Williams’ daily requirement of paranoia and abusiveness towards their employees. Not to mention that many of the verbal abuses dished out by William Rays cursing and yelling at individuals are done with bloodshot eyes bulging from his head and the strong odor of booze and marijuana reeking from his breath and clothes. This company is run by tyrants who severely need an intervention on behalf of its customers and employees without better oversight from the responsible agencies such as the Department of Transportation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or even the involvement of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission to add the level of control and professionalism to this company for all of our sakes! But don’t take my word for any of this, just start asking around or maybe talk to some of their employees but make sure that you are out of the range of their surveillance equipment or you might suffer the wrath of the “Friendly Disposal Service.

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