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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

There was a guy who called 5 minutes ago telling me that he was calling from the Federal government in Washington D.C who will be granting me $7,000.00 because my name was chosen and I got a discounted money from the tac which I paid every year. I asked him how did they get my name and he said from the federal givernment list and he wanted to know what’s my job and I said, I’m not working yet.He asked how much my annual income and what’s the job of my husband.i told him that i did not believe him because i did not not apply for anything but he kept explaining it to me that it’s not a hoax, the government is helping people who is need of money and they only have30 selections and I am one of them. He asked me how do I want to receive the money, is it cash, debit or credit card. I said to said to him if they are real, he could send me the check not the cash but he said they are not giving checks anymore. He gave me a grant number ww415 and 2538436561. He wanted me to call the number and their finance departnment so they send me the cash but wanted me either to get it western union once I called.I don’t believe what he was saying so I asked their website and he gave one which I could not find online www.usafederalgovernmentdepartment.org. I tried to google search about this issue and I found the same issue which states that this kind of callers are scammed. I am happy to know this website because it gives me information. I asked his name, he said he is John Paul but he sounded like an Indian, and I heard some background of people laughing who are listening with us.Probably they laughed when I told this guy that this is a scam and I was questioning him his credibility and probably those who were listening were anticipating how he gonna answer my question. He is calling from this number 214315966. The other day there was an a guy who sounded like an Indian calling me to open my computer because their server system is receiving message telling me that my computer has a virus. I asked him how did my computer got a virus, he said that my computer is connected to their server (sounded so scary!). They wanted me to allow him to check my computer but I did not turn on my computer. .

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