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Published: 18 April 2019

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MSI Canada FEDERATED PAYMENTS MSI CANADA AKA FEDERATED PAYMENT NEW YORK, New York Our business experience with Federated Payment Systems has been absoultely terrible. Their intial contact with us through the sales rep was promising gold quality service, the lowest prices possible and other promises which turned out to be outright lies. We purchased new machines throught the rep, not the company (shady), so we could eliminate the need for the three year contract. Having two locations we were told they required separated accounts – no problem there. so far so good. Months later we are being overcharged for nearly everything possible from percentages of qualified, mid-qualified and perk cards, batch charges, swipes charges and more. Their calls to many customer service agents. He was able to fix some of the overcharges. This process had to be repeated again two months later. The other large problem was their billing of discounts. We had arraged to be billed monthly whic worked initially. A couple months into the contract the billing switched withoutnoticfication to discounts being processed with every batch. Anyone who has reconciled Quickbooks can attest this as being a complete nighmare. Andrew was called to fix it, which he did. Two months later the billing switched to daily discounts again. Andrew was called to resolve again, which he did. The discussion stated we were extremely unhappy with the service level and wanted out of the contract entirely if anything else happened. He concurred this as acceptable. Fast forward a year and we have been overcharged for mid-qualified from the beginning and just missed it. We switch companies and are very happy now. To cancel our contract took an act of god. Nobody wants to release the fax number to the cancellation department. I had to actually get the operator to hold while i faxed it over to ensure it was received – after 4 previous attempts. Federated Payment system is now claiming we owe $295 per each of two contracts and threatening collections. They have nothing documented and refuse to negotiate. Warning: Federated Payment systems is thought of as the scam artist throughout the merchant service community. We highly recommend using some other than federated payment systems. clint burnsville, minnesota

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