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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Yaniv Lavy is the quintessential scumbag in that he got a job in Immigration Law by begging a seasoned older Immigration Lawyer named Michael Feiner, and then he took over Michael Feiner’s successful and prosperous law practice after he died soon thereafter. Yaniv Lavy still has the balls, chutzpah, and bad taste to keep using Michael Feiner’s name nearly 10 years after his death because he is still trying to cash in on a dead man’s good name. Unfortunately under the supervision and watch of Yaniv Lavy, Michael Feiner’s once good law firm quickly went down the drain, and Yaniv Lavy began to steal and rob and leech off of his predominantly Israeli clients, until there was nothing left to practice. Single-handedly Yaniv Lavy destroyed the good name and good will of Michael Feiner’s law practice, and Yaniv then called himself and his new law practice “Dr Immigration” because he secretly wished he had gone to medical School, but he was too stupid to get in. Yaniv Lavy routinely overcharges his clients, is completely and totally incompetent, commits immigration fraud each and every day, lies to the government, steals money from his clients, is a thief, and has been investigated several times by Homeland Security for procuring fraudulent and false documents for his illegal criminal alien clients. He was a major reason that the USA decided not to allow Israelis to be a part of the Visa Waiver Program because he looks and acts just like a crazy . If you hire him then you are an idiot, because he will destroy your life with his unethical behavior and gross negligence and general misconduct. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this lawyer like he was syphilis. If you have already hired him, please do a chargeback on your credit card for not receiving the proper services, file a fee dispute against with the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee, and then file a Complaint against him with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department. .

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