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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We paid Fences R Us $25,000 to install fencing for a 5 acre residential property. Manager/owner Manuel “Manny” Manresa was the most unprofessional, condescending business person I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with. | Problems started when their heavy equipment crushed our septic system’s drain field. We notified “Manny” immediately and he came right out and denied responsibility saying “you just need your septic tank pumped”. The lid on our distribution box was the first sign the system was freshly damaged. The lid is 2 1/2″ thick solid concrete and was smashed even though it’s buried several inches underground – yet he denies his equipment was heavy enough to crush a mere 4″ pvc pipe that makes up the drain field. We had Leesburg Septic come and inspect the entire system and were informed that indeed the weight of the bobcat with hydraulic fence post driver would easily be enough weight to collapse the drain field piping and that it would be roughly $2,500 to install the new drain field. This issue is still unresolved after almost 4 months since final payment – and it’s getting to the point that legal action seems to be the only path forward. | Just today (9/15/16) when I called and asked if they were pursuing an insurance claim to have it fixed, Manny “blew up” on the phone and ultimately had the nerve to say that because of my military service I was expecting this to be done! I can’t recall ever being treated so disrespectfully by anyone – let alone as a customer to someone we’ve paid $25,000. | The second main issue revolved around the installed gate opener. Manny initially told me they only install Liftmaster or Viking openers because of the quality and lifespan of the motors. As soon as the opener was installed we had to inform them that there was no way for guests and delivery vehicles to exit the property without us walking down the driveway with a remote control because the exit wand or keypad that we were told was included wasn’t installed. Begrudgingly, he came and installed two of the cheapest non-matching wireless keypads (this as part of a $2,300 opener system?). Since then, the gate opener they installed for $2,300 failed after only 3 weeks – saying it was struck by lightning (THEY NEVER EVEN GROUNDED THE SYSTEM – for some odd reason I had to have a licensed electrician come out to do that separately). When the opener failed, he said for us to call Liftmaster and have one of their technicians take care of it because he no longer serviced Liftmaster (this only 3 weeks after saying how great it was and that he only installs that product!!). We were left with an inoperable gate for over 2 1/2 months before they finally repaired (after many heated telephone conversations to get them to even do the work). | Smaller, but an equally relevant issue was the difference in the linear feet of fencing he said they installed versus the measurements I took from the ACTUAL board lengths with a brand new measuring wheel. Of course his measurements were substantially greater than mine and resulted in an additional $2,000 charge (I wonder if his measuring wheel is tampered with? Hmmm) | Also, he proceeded spraying the fence with black paint even though he didn’t have my express approval to do so – in documented communication with him I said if the fencing measurements that I took were ok and the prices he quoted me were still good, then he could do the painting. He went ahead and painted anyway before we rectified any discrepancy with the fence measurements (just to milk us for another $1,200). | All in all, my honest opinion is this company seems to have ethics and/or financial issues that drives them to take advantage of clients through sleazy tactics and dishonest practices. BUYER BEWARE!

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