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Fernandez Construction

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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Fernandez Construction, LLC – A very Bad Experience. On October 9, 2015 I signed a $12,000.00 contract with Arturo Fernandez for his company to repave my main driveway, add concrete to a side driveway, and to build a sidewalk with steps leading to the side driveway. I added and paid $750.00 for a wroth iron gate on Monday, October 11, 2016. Today is December 15, 2015, Arturo Fernandez has been paid in full and the contracted work has not been completed. Despite repeated promises from Arturo Fernandez, the gate has not been installed and no work has been done to complete the side driveway and walk for over a month. This has been a classic case of a contractor using high pressure tactics to force up front payment and not doing the contracted work. | On Friday, October 9th, Mr. Fernandez requested and was paid $2,500.00 on signing to pay for supplies and fuel. Work to remove the paving from the main driveway was started on Monday, October 12, 2016. After tearing up the driveway, Mr. Fernandez ask for further payment of $4,500.00 to arrange and pay for delivery of concrete to be poured on Saturday. Prep work and building forms was to be done over the next two to three days. The old paving was removed and some grading was done but prep work was stopped on Wednesday and no forms were built. Mr. Fernandez said his workers would return on Friday to complete the prep and to set forms and the concrete would be poured on Saturday. Mr. Fernandez and his workers did not show either day and I was not contacted by the company. We were left without a driveway or a gate and having paid $7,750.00. | I called and emailed Mr. Fernandez several times during the week of October 19, 2015 and was repeated told that he was trying to schedule the work. Finally late Friday evening, October 23, 2015, Mr. Hernandez showed up in his truck saying that his workers would be here the next morning and he would need the final $5,000.00 in cash before trucks arrived with the concrete. I reminded Mr. Fernandez that I had already paid him $4,500.00 for the concrete and that he had not completed the prep work or laid the concrete forms. He jumped back in his truck and sped away. | The week of October 28, 2015 was a repeat of the previous week. No contact from Mr. Fernandez until Thursday evening and he said that his crew would complete prep work on Friday and pour concrete on Saturday. Having been without a driveway for three weeks and now completely frustrate working with the company, I agreed to pay the remaining $5,000.00 only after the prep and form work was completed, he had this crew on site and the concrete truck arrived. On Saturday, his crew did complete pouring concrete for the main driveway but not the side driveway and steps. | For the next month, Mr. Fernandez repeatedly promised to complete the work but never showed on the scheduled days. On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, I called Mr. Fernandez and left a message on his voice mail that I wanted the job to be completed or a refund of $2,750.00 by Monday, December 14, 2015 or I would report that he had failed to complete the work as contracted and paid. After waithing over two months, I hold little hope that this company will ever complete the work or return the unearned money. | I can only warn potential customers to use extreme caution in dealing with this company. Mr. Fernandez advertises his company as a Limited Liability Corporation but I could find no required registration with the New Mexico Secretary of State. The address of 328 Tennessee 6 he uses on contracts is an empty lot where he parks his trailer, not an office or mailing address. Finding the address for the company may be impossible as his website www.fernandezconstructionllc.com does not disclose a real address. |

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