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Published: 04 February 2018

Posted by: Akam

As former patient of this clinic and its Drs and clinical staff, I would like to warn anyone who is considering to go to this clinic for fertility treatment to be very careful and think about your options and long and hard before you decide to entrust your treatment at the hands of FCC. My husband and I were recommended donor egg to achieve pregnancy and parenthood and went to FCC based on reviews and the cost of IVF treatment for under $10k. Advertisement by this clinic and the agencies that refer them are very slick and too good to be true. Don’t let the fancy pics and glowing testimonials fool you. They have no statistics of how many ivf cycle they do per year, how many live birth rates, and basic information on what they do for you in terms of treatment is provided on their website. In our case, we were told to deposit $ money to secure a donor and go through lengthy tests for both my self and my husband. We did all of this at our local clinic and paid the deposit. This is when the red flags started to rise. First, there was sheer incompetence on the part of the clinic and staff to explain the protocol to me as it made no sense. Unclear when I would start the simple birth control pills and when I would end and when other meds would start and etc. It was clear from our interaction with the clinic that they didn’t know what they were doing and they seemed confused and unable to answer our questions based on their own treatment plans. Another red flag. Second, we are told few days before our departure that the donor is not responding to meds so you will be staying an extra week in Cancun. This means extra cost for the hotel, flight, food, and time off work. Another red flag. In hindsight, we should have cancelled the whole thing but we still hope so we went. Wish we never did! Third, we arrive at the clinic, we only had five minutes with the so-called Dr. He never talked to us about the plan, success, risks, or any aspects of the treatment but were sent to the front of the clinic to make the remaining payment in US dollars and told to come back the next time for the donor egg retrieval and my husband semen sample. All told everything went well with both. The egg donor produce high numbers of eggs of good quality or matured and the semen sample was combined to fertilize the retrieved eggs. We were told that the donor has been screened and she was healthy and had normal chromosomes and etc. Fourth, the next day we were told the eggs and the sperm fertilized and the following day, we are told all eggs have died. This was devastating to us. We were told the quality of the door egg and should try another donor. We were not satisfied with the answers given by the Drs and pressed for more. It became clear that their stories kept changing from genetics to eggs to we don’t know. We had a second opinion and been told either the lab is suboptimal or the donor was not properly stimulated. We have not been given an appropriate consultation, treatment nor straight answers by the Drs when we asked questions. We would not under any circumstances recommend FCC to any prospective patients as their live birth rate nor number of cycles nor their lab conditions or accreditation are done independently done as they do in the USA. Our message to those thinking of going to FCC is to save yourself the heart break, let down, money and efforts and try so many great clinics before you go to this clinic please! It is not worth it and the clinic is not as competent as it is made to look. You will be glad you didn’t go to this clinic. There so many other things we went through at this clinic we hope other can learn from us.

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