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Published: 19 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We purchased a timeshare from Festiva in Branson Missouri in 2007. We bought into their newest resort Stormy Point. It was beutiful and was perfect for our family. At the time we bought in for a deeded week every other year, but could use it anytime for a nominal fee for nightly rentals. We we okay with this as we visited Branson about 4-6 times a year. Withing a year, we were pressured to turn our deeded week into points. We were assured that it would make it easier for us to get int and that we could use our points anytime. Not happy about the few thoughands dollars that the upgrade cost, we did it. And yes, it worked well for several years. Then it became harder to get into that property and eventually it has become almost impossible to get into any property they have in Branson. To make matters worse, they no longer have Stormy Point. We were told that when they sold Stormy Point we would still be able to use the resort since we were original owners. That lasted about two year. As of July 2014 we are no long welcome at Stormy Point. Now I am left with a bunch of points, a ton of debt and nothing to show for it. I was told in July that they could not get me into anything in Branson until after Christmas 2014. I paid approximately $10,000 for the deeded week, approximately $3,000 for the point upgrade, (we turned down their most recent upgrade request) and have paid maintenance fees and special assessment fee that would choke a horse, but they can’t ever seem to find a rental for my family any time we call. I have made several attempts to get them to rectify the problem or better yet, buy it back but to no avail. I am now waiting to hear from their legal department about my issues. My advice to anyone looking at Festiva is not just walk away, but RUN as fast as you can! This company won’t even entertain buying their own product back because they know its not worth anything. Don’t make the same mistakes that we did! .

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