Fibromyalgia-arthritis centers of America

Fibromyalgia-arthritis centers of America

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Published: 10 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We attended your sales session on fibromyalgia in December 2014 at which time you made a guarantee to everyone that you could cure fibromyalgia. You stated that you had a network of trained medical doctors and support staff and many years of success. You personally guaranteed success and if not, a full refund of $6,495.00. There was no indication of any additional charges; again you said a “Full Refund” if not satisfactory and all doctors and medical were totally trained and experienced. I left holding back tears to think that I would be cured by your program from many years of pain and suffering. | I had paid the mandatory $1,000, non-refundable, for a “special” blood test, a blood test that I could have had done free through my own insurance. The balance was to be paid through Care Credit for 12 months interest free for what was sold as a 12 week intensive treatment program. I had very little reduction in pain or symptoms of Fibromyalgia once I started the program. The way the daily chart, required to tract and turn in on a weekly basis, was not setup to reflect the true daily activity when experiencing pain symptoms. There really wasn’t any adequate medical advice given during that time. | Your letter dated September 11, 2015 stated that I qualify for a 50% refund and that would be credited to my Care Credit account. When I signed the 50% letter I was told that that would only apply if I hadn’t held up my side of the program. I had every intention to do this program so that was the only reason I signed that paper. I did the program so I expect a full refund to my Care Credit account. Starting balance as $6,495.00. I have paid $ 1,178.00. Believe me, I definitely have not received services that even come close to the amount I have paid. I expect a full refund and cancellation of payments to my Care Credit account immediately. When I had called FACA, several months ago, regarding this matter your people said that it would take at least 4 to 6 weeks because you had to wait to receive monies from future seminars and that the seminar attendance was very slim. That definitely threw up a red flag! I have discontinued making payments to Care Credit waiting for this issue to be resolved and my credit rating better not be affected by this issue. I have been very painfully waiting to solve this issue and I can promise you, this my first letter, copies of this letter will be sent to Arizona Attorney General and to the Better Business Bureau. | Again, your promise at the first meeting was a cure of fibromyalgia and that you had physicians which you had personally evaluated. Even a time period of 12 weeks was promised. Again, I am totally disgusted with your broken promises and lack of results. | Still in pain,

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