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Published: 11 October 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Lady named Lovna Horn on Facebook sent me friend request. She said she had cancer and needed someone to help her with her last request. Said she was a Christian and wanted to make sure her money was used for the poor and sick children. Also the homeless. She told me God picked me to do this job for her. And because I am a Christian wanted to help her. Never received any forms just that she emailed me bank information like batch number, code number and the depositors name. The only thing that I was to give about myself was my number, address and full name. fidelity bank Mrs Lovna Horn, and Dr. Nnamdi Okonkwo On Facebook I got a friend request from a mrslovnaforchrist, so I accepted her as a Friend then all of sudden she inboxes me that God has told me to give you a message and she gives me her email address and to email her about the information so I go ahead and email her and then she claimed she was dying from Cancer only having two months to live and that God has told her that I’ve been chosen to do God’s Will to serve the hungry the motherless and that I was supposed to receive 10% of five million and gave me this bank named fidelity with batch and security questions and code and to give my name phone and address to confirm to bank that I’m the one to give all this information to them so I could receive money. and as a Christian I won’t lose my faith for God but humanity I’ve lost all faith! warning to people on Facebook if you get a request from someone and they say they’re dying from Cancer and have only so many months to live and say that God has something for you and gives email to email them do Not email them and automatically delete them! so sad that people use God to use people. God’s not like that either but one day these people are going to be in a whole lot of trouble unless they accept and believe Jesus died for them and then rose the third day and turn away from their sins they will be saved and forgiven! .

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