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Published: 07 March 2019

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I believe that everyone should be aware what an unethical and terrible company Fidelity Capital has turned out to be. While trying to work with the company to gain a loan for some commercial equipment I was trying to purchase, my accountant went over figures that were provided. The interest rate was astronomical and, in my opionon, completely over the necessary amount. THIS COMPANY IS A SHAM FOR DISHONEST AND GREEDY BROKERS. I found out that an option provided for the deal basically was done to gouge hundreds if not thousands of money upfront from me in comissions and fees that was completely unneccessary. I understand in this industry that everyone needs to make a buck, and that you have to realize the intrest rates/fees are going to be much higher than anywhere else. I cannot, however, accept someone telling me they are trying to get my the “best deal” and that they are “barely making any money on this” while only seeking to line their own pockets at exorbitant levels. I would have been better off putting the equipment on a credit card for those rates! Please do your research on this and other broker companies! Take everything they say with a grain of salt and do your research! BEWARE FIDELITY CAPITAL. THEY ONLY HAVE THEIR GREEDY POCKETS IN MIND AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, THE CUSTOMER. GO ELSEWHERE. .

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