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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I agree with the above review and add to it with my own experience. We were told that because we were DWP customers it could take up to 3 months to get our system connected. Sungate’s sub contracted installers (we were told they didn’t use subs, but they did, and that isn’t my complaint) in May 2014. Towards the end of July we hadn’t heard from DWP or Sungate so my husband left Mr. Spielman at Sungate a message. No response. So the next week my husband called DWP and left a message. Their solar representative called back and got me on the phone. Very nice man explained that On June 27th DWP sent a request to Sungate for several required documents to be completed and/or corrections made to some that had been submitted. These were documents normally required by DWP. the deadline for Sungate to submit all of these document I was told by the solar rep. had come and gone. I asked if I could complete the paperwork myself and was told Sungate would have to do this.It was at this time I learned of the comapny name changing to Fidelity Home Energy. So I called three different people at Sungate/Fidelity and left each a phone message and sent all an email with the necessary information to complete the paperwork. No phone calls and just an email saying they were working on it came back. Nothing happened so weeks later I called again. This was towards the end of Aug. I threaten a bad review on Angie’s list. I got a phone call saying that it was all DWP’s fault and we would be connected by Thursday or Friday at the latest. (Sept. 4 or 5th). Nothing. I went on to Angie’s list a gave a bad review and to the BBB. By Sept. 9th I got a call from Sungate/Fidelity’s customer service manager because she had seen the review on Angie’s list. She took over and within two days found that the paperwork wasn’t filed correctly (as DWP had informed me and I had informed Sungate repeatly) She got the paperwork sent over to me to complete and then she submitted it. Now since this was really the first time the paperwork was being submitted in it’s entirety the time to connection started at that point. So here we are waiting 6 to 8 weeks to get approval to connect. Repeatly Fidelity’s response has been to blame DWP. When I pointed out that the fault lies with the documents not being filed on time nor correctly Mr. Spielman finally admits fault. The lack of organization, passing the buck and not taking responsibility has been amazing to me. The customer service manager has been the only helpful person and yet we are still waiting. I would encourage people to research as well, because in hindsight we have over paid greatly and this has been one of the worst experiences. .

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