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Published: 30 January 2019

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In 1997 we bought and insured our newly bought only home Title with Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company which later became Fidelity National Title Insurance Company. We developed, maintained, and improved our real property putting in our retirement money, paid mortgages (second mortgage is home improvement loan) and property tax for 15 years. Our property address is 2368 East 23 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229. In 2009 next to our Lot 225 (Block 7405 Brooklyn, NY 11229) bought his new Lot 226 identical to our Lot 225 an Emigrant from small Baltic Country Estonia Argo Paumere. It is 47 identical properties (including ours and new Paumeres property) in our Block 7405 on East 23 Street in Brooklyn, NY 11229 were built by one developer in 1925. Each real property in our Block has identical size 100×29,2” feet and private driveway and private backyard for each owner by deed.Therefore Argo Paumere shocked us when without any hesitation started demanding from us to give to him as “a gift” for free all our land as our private driveway and our private backyard by our deed against our will. Paumere explained that he will be building bigger house for flipping it on the market and for his maximum profit he needs bigger property as two driveways and two backyards. Openly Paumeres stated that he will be “taken over” our Lot 225. Department of Buildings NYC accepted Paumeres fraudulent application claiming our land by our deed and approved Paumeres 4 times despite our complaint to build taking over our land by Paumeres unlawful construction. All our attempts to correct Paumeres fraudulent application, and request to attach survey were ignored by DOB NYC. Supervisors from DOB NYC strongly “suggested” to us to obey Paumeres criminal demand and sell our home without the land right away. Sell house without the land possible only for very low price meaning that we would not have any money left after paying mortgages off and after 15 years ownership of our home, investing in our only home we must walk away without a dime but Argo Paumere will be gaining all that profits that we must of gain from our property. We hired surveyor, architect, and attorneys and submit multiple complaint to Department of Buildings NYC but after 4 disapprovals Paumeres were approved to build over and over again to “take over” our property 4 different ways. We were forced in Civil Court in March 26, 2010 to protect our real property because law enforcements did not protect us obstructing the justice and helping crimes happened on taxpayer’s money. All times we complained to the NYC law enforcements instead of stopping the crimes against us crimes were pronounced falsely as “civil matters”. NYPD done anything possible to help Paumere to commit crimes against us by not taking police reports from us, harassing, abusing, assaulting and even falsely arresting us: Right from the beginning in 2009 we contacted our FN Title Company and presented proofs that Paumeres claiming our property many ways including falsifying construction application. FNT could easily come to our case 7712/10 in Kings County Civil Supreme Court and declare that it is our insured property and Paumere has no rights for it but instead FNT kept denying our claimsbridging our contract with them. We spent all our life savings but did not protect our property in the court also because restraining order against Paumeres was ignored and our contempt motion against Paumere was adjourned by corrupt Court for 3 years. Our preliminary injunction, renew and reconsideration was denied without any explanation by named by “The Daily News” as corrupted Judge. We never were served with decisions and our attorneys were “finding” on e-courts unlawful decisions up to 10 month later after decisions were made. We were advised that it is too late to make appeals. Our attorneys one after another were living us with thousands of our money given to them as the retainers. We lost about $150,000.00 our life savings without any protection to our real property and our only home. 8 month later after our case 7712/10 was filed Paumeres filed their own case 27786/10 against us about same issue that was already in the same Court as our Hockenjos’ real property. Paumeres demanded 5 different ways our land, home be granted to Paumeres without any laws supporting such criminal demand. We submit new claim to Fidelity National Title Insurance Company. Despite the fact that Title Company must defend our the Hockenjos’ insured property that is demanded in Court without any merits, unlawfully by complete strangers Paumeres we got all over again denials from FNT Insurance Company. In addition since we had our attorney Robert Sikorski FNT stopped being friendly and started abusing us and harassing, threatening us, refused to answer any questions and falsely accuse us of harassment as Paumeres have done. In law enforcement language it is called “accuse the accuser” tactics. Later we learned that Attorney Robert Sikorski was already sued in Federal Court together with Fidelity National Title Company for racketeering real property in NYC by person who lost everything he owned. We contacted FNT Insurance Company Regional Manager Jennifer Rosse in Jacksonville, FL and she overruled decisions of Claim Department FNT and sent attorney Johnathan Nelson for protecting our property Title and property rights by our deed that was insured by FNT against Paumeres baseless claims. But attorney Mr. Nelson offered to us as only one approved possibility by FNT Insurance Company to sign stipulation that completely rewriting our deed and started from statement:” We, the Hockenjos’ agree that Paumeres agree that we own our real property.” FNT unlawfully cancelled our Title policy because we refused to sign stipulation which will cancel not only our Title policy but trigger demand of our Banks ask us to pay back in full immediately our Mortgages because we would be agree to change our deed by signing such outrages stipulation (verified with the Banks). We are not obligated by any laws or by our contract with our Title Company to sign stipulations that will harm us and deliver our real property to strangers Paumeres. We sued FNT in court for damages but FNT does not want to pay any dime for damages including our attorney’s fees and damage of losing our only home because FNT did not protect our real property Title in Court. Recently FNT Company committed fraud upon the court again by sending us opposition to our motion that was already decided and amazingly got on one reply to our motion three court date prior to existing date in February 2014.. In that opposition to our motion FNT Company demanding on the court that our case against them must be discontinued and marked as fully submitted before corrupted Judge will grant our only home to Paumeres and Paumeres will be able freely claim our Title! Resume: FNT Insurance Company is very corrupt and committing crimes against insured properties helping “connected “criminals to steal it and gain Title to your land, home. God forbid you to insure your home with FNT Insurance Company because if you do so like us you will lose everything you own and die on the street homeless especially if you are old or sick and cannot work anymore. FNT Insurance Company is not insuring your property Title but insuring their helping to steal -extort it on your own money that you paid for your Title insurance! Some attorneys stating that Fidelity National Title Insurance Company is not any Title Insurance Company but it is “Corrupt Syndicate”. We fully proven it is true and very dangerous to have any relations to this “Corrupt Syndicate.

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