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Published: 01 June 2018

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Anyone who is considering becoming an independent contractor for Filter Queen make sure you read ALL the reviews about this company. I worked for a distributor, briefly, of Filter Queen products which was owned and operated by Durrell Martin in Waite Park Minnesota, name of the distributor Pinnacle Health Systems. I’d never done this type of sales and was somewhat interested in it. The pay was high but seemed a little sketchy in the way that it was done. I went through a short 3 day training and then was asked to take the Filter Queen system and go “practice” selling it to friends and family. I felt so uncomfortable doing this and each “practice” was treated like a real sale and if my family/friend didnt want to purchase it, I was talked down to. When it came time to go out and try to sell to “office appointments” I came in and said that the job wasn’t for me. Direct sales was too high pressure. When I sat down with the owner Durrell Martin and told him the position wasnt for me he WOULD NOT take no for an answer. He insulted me, my family, cursed, and was very cocky about how wonderful he was. I told him this company has a bad reputation and he replied by saying but his name wasnt on those reviews, was it? Maybe his name wasnt specifically on there, but if you work for a company, you wear that label like it IS your name. If your company has a bad rep, so do you. He kept yelling that I was scamming him out of money for wasting his time. I told him I spent 3 days trying to push the Filter Queen product onto people I knew and was paid a low amount for it. After doing that I decided that I just couldnt do it. This isnt your typical job so I didnt know what I was getting into until I ACTUALLY tried to do it. Which is why I completed training before I decided the position wasn’t for me. Although I wasnt shorted any pay or anything; like some people have said online (which does happen with this company), the experience I had with this company and particularly with this awful character of a man made me realize that positions like this can be a nightmare. So, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! This company uses bribery and manipulation to build up sales, its really skeezy. Any suggestions given about the “show”, as they call it aka the 90 minute long sales pitch, are shot down with snide comments about how you need to just do what they tell you because what they do works and what youre suggesting doesnt. Not all sales positions are bad, in fact most of them provide great oppurtunity. Sales should be a positive and creative atmosphere. It should never be run like this. I will try to file a report with the better business bureau and will be contacting filter queen directly until I can file an official complaint against this man. My family and myself will be pursuing this until action is taken. He conducts himself like he conducts his business. Without tact and with a lot of anger. .

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