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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: jacob

Financial Halo is something you should be really careful about! My friend fell into a well laid-out trap, namely Accelerator Halo by Financial Halo. In most cases, I do not share personal data with any organization/individual. I got an email from Financial Halo which had several tricks listed to get rich quickly. The emails offered several tactics which guided people on increasing their net worth. I now realize I made a mistake in asking for more data. There were several emails, videos and several other items contained in the same. Financial Halo was attempting to bill the Accelerator Halo program as a financial product. The goal, as stated, was the enhancement of net worth or profits via the tracking of bill management and personal spending. The entire thing seemed really idiotic to me by all means and the product seemed absolutely worthless when I did some in-depth research into the same.
The product was a mix of several products that were already sold in the market. Accelerator Halo had tall claims that this product was not meant for those who had sizable debts and this proved to be a major contradiction. The company advertised about coming out of debt via these products. The advertisement was tailored in a way that drew more people to join the program which is essentially an MLM scheme. Financial Halo MLM was the sole niche that the owner pushed everybody into. The company basically calls its products software based which did just the opposite of what it was intended to do- help people out with their basic debts.

I was told that I would be earning sizable money if I saved the late fee which seemed absolutely preposterous. A late fee would only apply if I did not pay my fees on time. The programme seemed totally nonsensical and at the end of the pitch, they will ask you to be a part of the MLM program and talk about active Financial Halo logins in the thousands which are making millions only through referring their software to other people. This company’s claims seem absolutely laughable when I think about it now! It claims that it will help in repaying loans and other debts in 10 years which are due over a 30 year period. I denied the payment for the program and there came several follow-up calls and emails. When I tried to check these guys for being a little rude and offhand with me, they kept disturbing me even more.

Thank god I did not finally choose the program and waste my money in the bargain. I told them straight that the way the program was being presented was totally dishonest and customers were being deceived with false promises. This is out and out false advertising to hook customers. Beware people, do not fall into this financial trap since these companies can go to extremes to get more people into MLM programs.

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