Fire Island Animal Rescue, LTD.

Fire Island Animal Rescue, LTD.

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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to hear that there are unspayed and unneutered cats repopulating in Ocean Beach. My posts are only meant to create awareness of the responsibility of “Animal Rescue”. The clinic that we did were 1). For the animals who suffer for the irresponsibly of those who think throwing down food, is “Rescue”, it is NOT. 2).This left these people at a high risk for being fined for not following the Protocol of TNR. | Since I work with the best rescue groups here on the mainland, I knew that a brisk TNR program would enable John McCollum to legally feed the 99% TNR complete, cat population as per NYS agriculture laws. | I worked very hard to teach John, and instill the need of upkeeping the TNR program. | Setting up a NFP 501 c3, was to help ALL of the supporters of John and the animals he cares for….to be honest, I wish we did not get involved in this, because of the animosity it caused. There was no reason for this friction, which happens frequently in many rescues, due to a ‘struggle for notoriety’. I have no interest in that at all.. | It was for the Animals, and for John M.,that was the All. Once up to the TNR requirement, it was up to this group to take over the program in Full. There was no need to ‘Steel’ the organization, since they have run unauthorized Fund Raisers,taking YOUR DONATIONS…’FIRE ISLAND ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY’ has a responsibility to follow protocol. And you the Donors have the right to demand population control. It sickens me to hear from supporting neighbors, that ” kittens are running all over the streets” and when asked.. a member said “she didn’t care about it”. FRUSTRATED,ANGRY..ABSOLUTELY! because I cannot physically clean up their mess again. THROWING DOWN FOOD IS NOT ONLY IRRESPONSIBLE, BUT ILLEGAL! | Please understand, we could not even turn over FIAR,LTD., if we wanted to…..we tried. | I apologize for the extensive Posts, they were necessary to DOCUMENT what happened, and to make sure that EVERY Donor understands the SEPERATION of organizations. Since we both hold NYS Professional Licenses, I will say that NYS does NOT fool around. Nothing is taken lightly,and the NEW RESCUE GROUP IS IN VIOLATION OF SO MANY REQUIREMENTS MANDATED BY NYS… BECAUSE OF OUR NEED TO STEP BACK, “FI ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY” HAS PUT THEMSELVES ON THE RADAR OF NYS, AND THE OVERSEEING ORGANIZATIONS WHO ARE NOW AWARE. | Therefore, these exhausting Posts are meant to document a separation of FIAR,LTD., that is connected to US in federal law, and NYS IRS LAWS. Again, I am sorry for the ANIMALS, who are the victims. All that I can do , is to ask YOU THE SUPPORTERS, to demand rescue Protocol. My upset, is obvious….because I cannot physically clean up this New mess,again. PLEASE HELP THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.. | Thank you , | Brenda and Dr. Ken Luckow, DVM. | Like Comment Share Chronological Comments Miriam Cohen Hey….. Prescription Pill Addict, if you continue to stalk, slander, interfere and defame with my family, I personally guarantee ALLLLL of Fire Island will substantiate the perspective that you are in dire need of a drug intervention. This expose will reach allllllll forms of social media. It’s a blessing and a curse. You may accuse. However, we will prove. You wanna interferer with Shoshannah and John’s good deeds? Bring it on, Junky…. Make it even easier for all to see, you are unable to behave like a civil human being because you are addicted to pills. You chose this battle. You fuel the fires of this battle.Go ahead, Amy Winehouse, make my day. You leave them be, go your own way, take the high road, run with you pain med deflated tail between your legs. If you don’t heed my advice, Shoshannah will continue to take the high road. However, I will GLADLY stoop to your level and lower. I already reported you to Facebook for inappropriate conduct. Feel free to report me back. I threw the first blow. Thus, you’re already exposed. I guarantee you this, every action I take will be 100% legal. I’ll acquire lawyers, your medical records, your pharmaceutical records….. testimonials from locals…. Etc…. Don’t hurt innocent animals and destroy your husbands business. You want to talk trash…. You ain’t seen nothin. Do you understand what I’m saying and the repercussions or do you need to sober up first? 1 Manage Like · Reply · 1y Ilene Barkin Patrick

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