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Published: 24 February 2020

Posted by: Saeed715

I have left UAE in March 2018 with an outstanding loan of 70000 AED and credit card of 24000 AED; it was not my decision to leave UAE, I had to relocate to Europe to assist my mother, who is at her last cancer stade. I took a job with British Airways and I always did my best to repay my debts, and I did it, I repaid in full the overdue for my CC and I paid half of my loan. Today I still have a 36000 AED personal loan and I am really struggling; I had to leave my job with British Airways to fully assist my mother. I have no income and the loan installments are way too high. i have no money left, I have no job, I have nothing. I am at the point I wish I could die. This is the reason why I am asking Fab Bank to make a step towards me and help me, in any way. I have been loyal towards the Bank, I have always answered the phone calls and emails, I always did my best to repay on time, I didn’t run with the money like many have done before. I am formally asking the bank to make some adjustments to my loan repayment, such as: moving the due date from the 27th to the 1st of the month reduce the amount of the installments to a maximum of 1200 AED, mantaining the same interest rate and stretching the repayment period. I attach to this email proof of my Visa Cancellation and proof of my employment certificate with British Airways. I had the chance in life to see the benevolence and goodwill of the Emirati people, I sincerely hope the Bank will take the right decision and help a loyal and sincere customer. Best regards Francesca Giarrante Account Number [protected]

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