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Published: 09 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Contacted First Call Movers out of Ft Lauderdale FL, and recieved a binding estimate in the amount of $4799.33.. Jorge handled the intake and said I will be contacted by Quality Assurance to finalize the move.. Our move was scheduled for July 22nd, and gave them a July 23rd window due to weather.. I made a deposit of $1936.00 to secure the process by Visa online through First Calls website.. I specifically told Jorge I wanted to leave no later than July 23rd, and to recieve our furniture by August 1st of 2013. We were moving from Bedford In, to Lancaster Ca, and initially the first truck they assigned broke down, and we were not notified until many days later that we were reassigned to another mover…Quality Relocation Services had showed up late in the day on July 25th, and came back the following morning the 26th to start the move… Lance from QRS went over the final paperwork and my binding estimate was not so binding anymore…It shot up to $7170, and we were devestated, and before I signed, I contacted First Call (Jerri) to find out what was going on..We were bent over the barrel, and pressured to sign, the move was already 3 days late. Jerri reassured me that it was only an estimate. The weight of our furniture was going to be converted into cubic sq. ft, so Lance had guesstimated 8500 lbs which would equal to 1222 cubic sq. ft… He said if our weight goes over this poundage that it will go to the next higher level of 11,000 lbs. and that would equal out to over 3000 cubic ft., so we will be paying for someone elses reserved space. I signed and initialled the paperwork and also requested from Lance a copy of the Cat scale weight ticket before loading our furniture. I put the remainder of what I had initially owed for the 1st binding estimate from First Call movers of $2836.34, that was suppose to be the final amount. That was the deposit I put down to QRS so they could move my furniture, I gave more than the 50 % they requested, because I already had the money orders to cover the original amount… He also asked if we wanted to go by his new estimate of $5220 after already putting a deposit of $1936 down with the broker which equals to $7156.., or we can go by the poundage when we recieve our furniture.. We chose the poundage. Lance gave me only a copy of the bill of lading without anything being filled in for the lbs, or cubic ft, and also a copy of the Cat scale before loading…He did not provide me with a copy of the invoice with his count of what went on the truck, and I did not realize that at the time. I spoke with Tee from First call on August 1st 2013, early moring.. I explained what happened during our finalization with Lance before the furniture was to be moved, and how the price significantly increased, and asked her why the bill of lading was not filled in. She asked if that was all that was given to me and that is when I realized that he did not provide me with all the paperwork.. She said she would investigate and also let me know when the movers will deliver. never had a response from her.. Called QRS many times the first week of August to find out when furniture will arrive…Never a response… August 5th- I called First call and asked to speak with Tee. Was given to Patty, she was suppose to find out what info Tee had, no response.. August 8th- spoke with Ben explained Tee and Patti have not gotten back to me. No response- Aug 12th- got a hold of Ben again, he had no answer for me. Aug 15th, Spoke to Ron, finally got a hold of someone I thought would help me! He requested the paperwork from Quality Relocation Services, and he mailed me copies of incomplete invoices to me…Some pages were missing. I specifically asked Tee, Patti, Ben, and Ron if they would compare the inventory and to see why the price of my move has increased significantly. I also asked Ron about my furniture, I was under the impression it would be delivered August 1st. He told me they had 21 business days from our initial date of acceptence, and I feel I was misled by First Call Movers, because that was the day I wanted it delivered, and they use that day as your first day of acceptance…So that pushed my delivery further because of that clause. Ron also checked with QRS about my delivery and they told him they had already loaded the truck, Aug 15th. Aug 16th- Called to speak to Ron again…no response. Aug 16th- Contacted Vanessa at QRS, she put me on hold to check on delivery and left me hanging for 14 minutes. I hung up and called back, got voice mail and left a message if they don’t contact me by the end of the day that I will be in touch with the DOT… Aug 19th- First Call, Got a hold of Sam..Asked if he was a Supervisor? He said yes, and he would also investigate and wants to win my trust back…I told him how I am being passed down the line by his company, and he assured me he would handle this. He did call back the following morning on the 20th @ 9;33 am, and left a message, and would call my cell .. Did not get that call.. He finally called again the same day and spoke with my husband at 4:01 pm, and told him that he is working on my job order and will return our call later…No response Aug 21st- Called back to speak to Sam at First Call, still haven’t heard from him.. This time I was given to Kat. She to is a Supervisor and I explained to her how I am being passed down the line, and she also assured me she will be staying in contact with me.. She contacted QRS and informed me that Shay will be calling me…No response Aug 26th- I called and specifically asked to speak to Kat again at First Call..They did let me speak to her and I asked if she had compared the inventory list to QRS again.. This time I am a little agitated, no one is doing what I have requested, and I told her how come she has not looked at the paper work that Ron and Sam were supposively working on, and that I wanted results..No one in that office compare notes with one another, and she tells me that Ron is no longer working with them.. I also asked Kat to see the final weight ticket! Aug 26th- QRS called to inform me furniture will be delivered in a few days, that driver will get a hold of me. Aug 26th- 3:05 pm… Got a hold of dispatch, and asked to speak with the General Manager Shay. He was not available, then I asked to speak with the supervisor Carlos…He spoke to me and he also informed me I will recieve my furniture in a few days. Carlos was also to call me back and gave me his personal word he would call me on the 27th at 8:00 AM.. I had requested the final weight ticket and told him that is how Lance had set me up with the choice of paying by the poundage or the estimated price he had quoted me. Aug 27th- I got a hold of Kat again at FIrst Call, and insisted again on her finding out the final weight ticket and compare their inventory to QRS… She claimed that they have listed 266 items verses our initial intake of 174 items. Again I asked if she compared the inventory, and again she answered the same…I told her I personally went through the inventory with QA, and how did they come up with that many pieces? That is not what I was asking, she would only give me the count not the comparison of listed items. She was getting a little annoyed with me and I stood firm and told her, that all her company does is pass me down the line, and I told her once you get your deposit do you wash your hands with the consumers? Is that how it works? I stood my ground with her and Kat got a hold of Carlos again and he was to have the GM give me a call.. Aug 27th- Shay the GM of QRS finally contacted me.. I explained the break down of the bill of lading that Lance had provided and that I wanted a copy of the complete invoice and final weight ticket… I also told him how Lance had given me a choice of the poundage or their estimated amount that he had configured. He agreed to mail me the invoice and weight ticket.. Have not recieved anything. Shay tells me you are a nice lady, and here is what I am going to do for you…I will give you 60% off the reserved space on the truck, and then he said he will give me 70% off the reserved space..He said are you following me? I said yes, and he said he will take off $900 so you owe me $1499 instead of $2370.66… $871.66 to be exact, but I didn’t argue it.. He said he will release my furniture if I agree to these terms.. I said what is there not to agree about, and I told Shay I never refused to pay you! Just those words he mentioned “I will release” made me feel they have my furniture hostage, and why? I agreed to his terms and told him all I want is my furniture, I have heart medication , that I have a condition and only took enough meds to last for a few weeks. Then Shay tells me I will be sending your furniture and you will recieve it first thing tomorrow morning of Aug 28th. I asked him what kind of truck are you delivering in, he said a 28ft straight truck, and that my furniture was going Solo. My driver will call you in 20 minutes. And here is my personal cell if you need to get a hold of me.. I called Shay back later that evening because his driver had not called…No response.. Called on the 29th early morning, still no response and no furniture…Called Shay again around 4:00pm he answered, I told Shay I haven’t heard from your driver and still haven’t recieved my furniture… He tells me the driver broke down in Utah, that he has a delivery there first…I said Shay I thought you told me my furniture was going Solo? He said OH! Then he started yelling at Carlos for something, and I hear Carlos tell Shay to F off…Shay had hung up on me and never even bothered to call me back.. At this point my stomach was in knots, I have been emotionally stressed out and have been sick because of this…There is no reason to hold someones furniture for 43 days, even though they consider 21 days as business days. I feel victimized and I finally realized that I fall into the category of being scammed… I have been in contact with the DOT, BBB, Colorado State Attorneys office, and they all pretty much tell me the same thing. DOT told me I can file a claim, but there could be possible retatliation or more delay in delivery of my furntiure.. BBB tells me that isn’t true, and all they can do is send a complaint to the movers and they don’t have to respond, and the CO state Attorneys office will send me a form, but write down do not file in fear of reataliation???? I think I have stepped into the Twilight Zone, no one could really help me at this point.. What protection does the consumer really have? Aug 30th- Tried calling Carlos at QRS, no response…This is the final 21 business days from the initial date of acceptence. Aug 31st- Dispatch, Vanessa from QRS called and left a message furniture will be delivered on Monday (Labor Day) Sep 2nd. Said truck is waiting for a part in Utah. Sep. 1st- Called QRS and spoke with Vanessa. Said truck is being loaded and they will call me with a job in 3 hours. I said what? You just called me Saturday and told me my furniture was on the truck in Utah broken down, and now it is back at your warehouse being loaded? Never got a call back with the job ! No, No, No, I said, at that point I threatened eyewitness news…I did try that route and apparantly they could not use my story, they too never called back…So I contacted the Commerce City Co Police Dept. and spoke with officer Calvano..He had told me the previous week that he would be glad to go check out to see if my furniture was in their possession and I informed him I wanted to give them the full 21 business days which was August 30th.. So this was my second contact with officer Calvano and he did go down there…He called back and told me they were a legitimate business, and he did inform me the week prior that he cannot get involved because I had a legal contract with them…He kept his word, and told me they still have my furniture and that it will arrive to me in a few days. Sep 3rd- Still no furniture, no phone call or nothing… Left message to call back.. Sep 3rd- Contacted First Call Movers again and spoke to Brenda another supervisor. She got a hold of Carlos, and he told her the furniture was in transit. She told me to give it until Friday if they don’t show up…She also said her and Carlos have a special relationship and that he would never lie to her…She also gave me the drivers name (Leon). Sep 6th- 8:00 am I called Brenda back no furniture, or phone call from the driver…The receptionist told me Brenda will call me back… No response, called back again and asked to speak with another supervisor (Sam).. Said he will get this worked out… Contacted QRS again, and this time gives me the drivers contact info… Sep 6th- Spoke to Leon the driver for QRS at 9:45 am.. Told me he will deliver tomorrow Sep. 7th. I asked Leon what my balance was knowing how Shay operates, I had a feeling he did not inform the driver of the change of balance due. I was absolutely right, and the driver told me I owe the $2370.66 and I asked Leon didn’t Shay inform you that he had agreed to lower the price, and he replied no… So I asked him to please contact Shay, because he never calls me back and ask him the correct balance due… Leon complied, and he told me he was in Vegas delivering as we spoke, and I told him that you are only about 3 hours from me. He said he will be here in the Morning. Sept 7th- Furniture was finally delivered in the early after noon around 2 pm…I am not a happy camper, Already some large items missing and things broken, knicked and scratched. Leon told me everything was there to not file a claim until I open everything… It could have been a lot worse, but still is bad enough.. He gave me the final invoice, and no weight ticket was produced…Leon was trying to give us several items from other peoples furniture…We gave it back, and he kept insisting that they were ours..What a joke…Leon also hired day laborers from Home Depot in Lancaster Ca, to do the unloading.. We repeatively asked him and his crew to be carefull with the walls that we just freshly painted, and Leon also scratched our Master Bedroom floor, my husband asked him to be careful not to drag things on this floor because it is laminate, and Leon ingnored my husband and continued what he was doing. Sept 9th- tried contacting Shay on his cell phone for info to file a claim… No response, and contacted QRS left messages and still no response… Sept 9th- Contacted and spoke with Brenda again, she gave me the email and phone to CSI PROS to file a claim… PS… I just set up this email and I am not computer savvy…If you email me and it comes back to you, please contact me at my home 661 xxxx-xxxx.. Thank You Lori Hxxxxxx

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