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Published: 21 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First Credit Union of Glendale AZ will Steal From you Blind and then Admit to it. These crooks were holding some of my money out of every check deposit. And NO, it wasn’t because the check had not cleared. The criminals at First Credit Union admitted to the money clearning but decided to hold part of the money for themselves and couldn’t give a reason. Yet, on the online app, it shows all of the money in the account. Thus when my wife and I use our debit cards, some of the transactions fail and trigger overdraft fees at $35 a pop. While my wife and I did not use more than we should of had in our account, the bank has charges us nearly $700 in overdraft fees because they unlawfully held onto some of OUR MONEY. My wife went there in person to confront them. When asking Jodi why they were holding our money, she could not come up with a single answer. She also acted as if she didn’t care and like my wife was just getting in the way of her punching out and going to Happy Hour. The crooks that run First Credit Union will rob you, then tell you it’s your fault and then berate you. As if robbing you blind and then admitting it weren’t bad enough, they have no customer service skills whatsoever. This is a horrible credit union run by criminals who should be thrown in jail. My wife and I don’t make a lot of money. $700 is a lot of money to us and that sure would have come in handy for Christmas. But instead, the crooks at First Credit Union on Thunderbird Road in Glendale, AZ are having a much better Christmas to the tune of $700. Must be nice! Well, since I am $700 poorer than I would have been banking at a real bank, I have $700 worth of time on my hands. I happen to dablle in the SEO game and I have become quite proficient at it over the years. I may find myself writing articles about Frist Credit Union. Wouldn’t want other people being scammed. It’s just wrong. DO NOT BANK with these criminals They stole from my family and they would probably steal from yours too. They probably pull this crap on a lot of other people but unfortunately, I think a lot of people don’t catch on to their scam. Unfortunately for First Credit Union, I’m not like those other people. Steal from my family and then disrespect my wife. Time you are taught a lesson First Credit Union. Word of mouth can be very helpful yet, it can be very harmful. You should really think twice before stealing from people.

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