First National Tacoma

First National Tacoma

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Published: 04 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Talk about “low-budget and unethical”; the business practiced at First National Auto’s is both. | After an online search I was called by a rep named Fabian. I explained over the phone I was on a limited disability payment less than $900 monthly and my credit score was less than 600. I also told him I had a Land Rover I could trade in but it was making noise. | “Oh, that’s not a problem, I’m sure we can get you into something” was Fabian’s reply. Speaking with him for a good 20 minutes I told him all truth – about my credit rating, my income level, and my situation; his reply, “That’s alright, we can still help you, I’ve seen it before”. HOPE was once again rekindled when I hear these words. Making sure he knew all my details, I really “qualified” this company prior to setting an appointment. Telling Fabian I didn’t want to waste his time or mine OR MY GAS, he again promoted this company as “the place that was ready to help – a dealership that COULD help. | Then, a few days prior to my appoint, I received another phone call from First National Autos. This time it was a man named Carl who was taking over for Fabian; seems Fabian was “no longer with First National Autos” any longer. To cover every base, I again “qualified” this dealership by discussing ALL the same information I had discussed with Fabian. Again, I was assured First National Autos could help me get into a vehicle. We rescheduled the appointment to an earlier date and let it at that. | Today, March 29, 2016, after emptying my Land Rover out, I kept the appointment with Carl. When I walked into the smelly, dirty office I was greeted by “DJ” who seemed pleasant enough as he remarked about Fabian, the first salesperson I initially spoke with, and said, “he was too uppity” – I left it alone as it was very unprofessional but I NEEDED a car so felt it not in my best interest to comment on his lack of PROFESSIONALISM. | It took less than 10 minutes for “DJ”, the salesman helping me for Carl, to disappear behind closed door, to figure out my income would not satisfy. Upon returning to his desk he told me he was sorry they couldn’t help me after all. He told me the “income limit” was $1,800.00 monthly. I asked him WHY would two different salespeople, who were aware of my circumstances, tell me First National Auto’s could help me purchase a car? WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW A WOMAN ON A MEAGER DISABILITY DRIVE 22 MILES ONE WAY TO BE TOLD “NO GO” – WHY WOULD THIS COMPANY ALLOW A DESPERATE WOMAN, WHO’S EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS, DRIVE ALL THE WAY THERE TO BE TURNED DOWN? | “DJ” answered with this: If it were up to me I’d help you. Not satisfied, I pressed him again: Why would you’re company do this knowing my financials didn’t meat your criteria – his reply, “The owner says Just get ’em in here,,, maybe they will have a co-signer”. I told both Fabian and Carl I would not have a co-signer. | BUYER BEWARE – FIRST NATIONAL AUTOS IS A SHADY COMPANY RUN BY A BUNCH OF SHADY CHARACTERS WHO COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT THE POOR PEOPLE WHO TURN TO THEM FOR A VEHICLE. THEY DON’T TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT NOR DO THEY TREAT THEM FAIRLY. THESE ARE THE CAR SALESMEN SO MANY PEOPLE WARN ABOUT. | CROOKED, CROOKED, CROOKED.

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