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Forcing People to reach their sales targets by Endless Calls

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First Premier Funding has people who just believe in making numerous calls to the people just to forcibly get a potential client. This is not right! What kind of marketing is this? I am fed up of your calls. Show some respect to the people who have courteously asked you that they are not in need of any kind of funds from you. Why are you forcing people to get funds? Such relentless forced sales are of no use if in future you won’t get any money from your customers whom you served with your calls.

What is wrong with you guys? Michael Pellecchia, the CEO of First Premier Funding must be called to make all other calls stop. This is too much. No one will bear that much. Just stop calling! I am literally not interested in taking any funds from you. I just don’t need any money from you. In what language do you understand this simple thing? I have already blocked three of your numbers but not again. Just don’t call me. Don’t you get it? If a person has blocked your other three numbers, you should really get a hint.
Just stop it! I have already made everything clear to you on the very first day I came to consult you. I had discussed all the details of needing about $ 15, 000 funds when I got no approval from any Bank. But I cannot pay the interest you quoted. It is just too much. A person who doesn’t even have money in hand will pay you to double the interest, please make it clear to me how? Because I am really intrigued. Don’t think that you can trick your client with your offers. They are just traps and I really don’t consider myself fitting into any right now.

Even I heard one of the employees of the sales team talking to his fellow saying that there are very less leads for that month. It would take about seven to eight people to meet the targets and achieve what has been said. I did not really get the meaning that time. But I am quite sure now that you people are just running a company with your relentless calling service without even considering how the other person feels and making it difficult for others to even pick any anonymous calls.

Just stop calling! Find someone else to eat, some fresh bait, I have known all your tactics and don’t consider myself fit for any loan from your company. Just stay away and leave me alone. Otherwise, the only last option stays is that I complain against your company to the police. Because this is sheer harassment. Calling people like that and just offering what they don’t even require. Stop it. I checked your reviews, so it’s just not me! There are other people too. I really don’t get it! Why are you after people’s hard-earned money? Stop wasting your time and energy on us. You won’t get anything.
What kind of business is this? Where you have to literally beg people to take funds from your company. The offers that you tell are just so offbeat that they go straight over their heads and they just understand that the only person who can get any benefit out of it is your salespeople because no one is really listening to you. I don’t understand what are you guys made of? You just don’t care and you’ll keep calling and make fool of other people. Don’t you have any other work to do? If no then just change your job because all you are doing is disturbing and irritating people for your selfish gains.

Do you get it now? Leave us alone and find a new job. I don’t want to hear another call from you asking me about which plan is suitable or did I consider the last offer for the fund I need. I just don’t need anything from you. Nothing!! Get it in your head and mind your work. I am not rude yet. But next time I get a calling, I may abuse the person over the phone because it is just too much and no one will tolerate such nuisance ever. You know what after what all I’ve been through, I will never recommend your services to anyone. You all are just after your sales regardless of building a credible relation with your client and mind you, no one likes it. No one is dumb to understand what you are after, their interest money or being a guide to them. So now on, No phone calls because it is just disgusting and I don’t want to be any part of it.

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