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faggots that are scamming people every step of the way

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Published: 07 March 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

They promise “cheap luxury homes”! But from the moment you log on, the ripping off starts. You have a certain degree of access when you log in and you get the basic info, but YOU HAVE TO PAY $40 to see the full details.

It’s a shitty, useless website and it only helps if you pay the fucking $40. Another issue is that they promote homes that are up for the foreclosure. That’s just a shitty way to conduct a business.

I was property hunting and paid $40 in order to find some leads that I can follow up on. I found a nice 4-bedroom home that was very cheap to take over. I mean the values of the other homes were in excess of $700,000. The one I found had $45,000 in loan payments left. I figured it wasn’t too expensive and I could have walked away with a great deal on my hands. But that hasn’t exactly happened.

Now, those fuckers made me sign a contract stating that I was gonna resume the loan payments, and the house eventually becomes mine. But I should have realized that there was something fishy there. Why would anyone pay off $790,000 and leave $45,000 unpaid? At the time, it wasn’t clear to me that that house was used as a tool to fuck me over!

I moved in after signing, and those faggots requested that I pay them $10,000 in cash upon moving in. And they were pretty adamant about it, so I had to fucking pay the $10,000, which was pretty dumb on my part I must admit. The point is they asked me for that money just so they could rip me off. I was just been dumb not to realize it.

I continued to pay the mortgage in $1780 monthly installments and was already having difficulty with it because I gave all my savings to these bastards in the first place. But I worked hard and kept pushing, only to come home one day to a bank’s notice that stated I had two weeks to move out.

Here’s what really happened: These fuckers never made a valid transfer of the ownership. I was still paying for the former owner who btw was nowhere to be found. That poor sap left everything up to the First Step and they created a major fuck-up with the whole deal. The problem was that even the bank was clueless about what really happened, but the result was that my payments were not going to the right place.

WHO WAS GETTING MY MONEY THAT WHOLE TIME, YOU ASK? Well, somebody from First Step was stealing all the money for themselves, they re-routed all the payments to their bank accounts, and then out of the country.

To make matters worse, they did this a couple of times as it turned out. Fucking scammers! They fucked over 4 other couples, with the same story, the same amount of money, and the same MO as they did me. One couple had an even worse experience: they paid more than $60,000, and then got evicted just the same.

Well, the case will be settled in court, but in the meantime: AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!

First Step Equity
297 Orange Ave. Suite D
Goleta, CA, 93117

Telephone: 805/683-8600

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