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Published: 07 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In November 2011 I physically walked in my November 2011 HOA dues to First Service Residential’s Mesa office and received a receipt. In December 2011 I received my invoice stating that I needed to make November 2011 and December 2011’s payments which I knew was wrong but I figured I had a little bit of time because any time in the past if you were ever late with a payment you just paid a late fee. Even my December invoice said that if you pay after December 16, 2011 you would pay a late fee. Period. I was a single parent, it was the holidays and I had just started a new job with 12 weeks of intensive training. I didn’t have the time for this crap. Before I could even send First Service Residential anything they sent me to collections as soon as the December 2011 payment was late. That’s where the nightmare begins……… I called Red Rock Financial and they said I had to talk to First Service which I did. First Service said I needed to talk to Red Rock which I did and then came a fun game of “Let’s point the finger and not take any responsibility!”. Neither company wanted to take any responsibility even though I had proof that I had paid November 2011’s dues. They just wanted me to pay. Everytime I would call, email or write a letter to First Sevice I would either be ignored or they would say, “Let me look into that for you” and ignored or I would get the, “Here’s your ledger. This is what you owe”. Problem is, the ledger ALWAYS said that I owed for November 2011!!!!!! But I didn’t! And I had given them proof of it numerous times! When I asked the HOA representitive for First Service what the time frame was for sending someone to collections she told me after 2 payments were missed. Well, if I paid November 2011 wouldn’t that mean that I was sent to collections after missing 1 payment? So after being threatened with water restriction in early 2014 I threatened to go to the media and guess what? All of a sudden after 2.5 years there was a “mystery” credit of $195 on my current invoice which was the exact amount of that missing November 2011 payment! No, “Hey, we found the mistake, we’re sorry, how about you just pay us the months you owe us?” Oh yeah, by the way, as soon as they sent me to collections they put my account on hold and wouldn’t let me make anymore payments even though I offered to so they could rack up late fees and skip tracer fees (where did I go? LOL) and attorney fees. So thanks to First Service Residential my two sons who lost their father to Cancer have not been able to use the community pool in Arizona for 3 summers due to First Service Residential’s lack of basic accounting skills. Now they want all of the back month’s HOA dues which is fine because I never said that I wouldn’t pay my HOA dues and they want all the late fees and their attorney fees all for a simple accounting error that it took them 2.5 years to find! This company is a JOKE!!!!!!

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