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Published: 15 July 2017

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Our deal sheet and email confirmation of the Pathfinder SL we purchased went from a $38000 vehicle to $49000 which is more than a Pathfinder Platinum. We agreed to pay $38000 for a Pathfinder SL and agreed to pay an additional $900 to have the front seats changed to Climate Controlled A/C seats that are in the Pathfinder Platinum. We asked for clarification 3 times as this was the deal breaker if they could not provide the Climate Controlled A/C seats identical to the Pathfinder Platinum. We were assured that the seats would be ordered from Nissan and installed locally and that this had been done many times. We agreed to purchase the SL model with the stipulation the 2 front seats were to be replaced with factory Nissan A/C Climate Controlled seats matching the Pathfinder Platinum seats. We were told this process would be a 1 day job completed by a business in Warner Robins. Without our permission they drove our car to Atlanta and instead of installing 2 new seats they took the existing seats apart and perforated the leather to make them appear to be A/C Climate Controlled seats which now makes them “Vented” seats. Instead of a one day job in Warner Robins this became a week and half job in Atlanta. Now our brand new car has over 400 miles that we have not put on it. We find out this was done because we were quoted the wrong price for the seats and Five Star did not want to absorb the cost. The business in Warner Robins that has done this numerous times for Five Star Nissan told us they quoted Nissan on the seat job but were turned down due to pricing. The Climate Controlled A/C seat is the major factor in the choice of the vehicle and had we been advised of the price difference we would have paid it to ensure we had the seats we were promised. This deal was developed by the sales team to keep our payment under $700 a month. Now because Five Star Nissan changed the numbers within the contract and back doored the charges for the seats our $38000 purchase became $49000. We could have purchased the Pathfinder Platinum with all the bells and whistles cheaper than the $49000. We went to the dealership intending to buy the Pathfinder Platinum and were very happy to find out we could get the Pathfinder without the moon roofs which we did not want. The entire reason we went with the SL was to reduce our monthly payment and have a vehicle without moon roofs. The Finance Manager used electronic signature machines for us to sign some of the documents. I believe our signatures were then pasted on to a different contract with the inflated prices. We have documentation printed out for us on 1 of our 3 trips to correct this issue that has different dates and pricing than our paperwork. When we found the duplicity I went back to the dealership and waited literally hours to speak to someone not once but a total of 3 times. On one of the occasions I was told by the Sales Manager/GM Don Johnston that “I could sit there all day if I wanted but I would not be able to speak with Finance until Monday as they were too busy.” The sales team jump through hoops to get us to sign the deal but when we had an issue we became invisible. This situation could easily be fixed but Five Star Nissan refuses to work with us. The additional insult is that our “deal” is now the “talk” of the dealership and how stupid we are to think we can do anything to change this. The “Sales Manager” Don told us after the sale, that there is NO WAY they could do what we asked because it is not possible. The company in Warner Robins says not only can it be done but it has been done by Five Star Nissan multiple times by them. I bought the car a few days prior to having surgery thinking this would give them time to install the new seats while I was recovering. I wanted to leave the car at the lot until the work was completed but they insisted I drive it home and bring it back after the seats arrived from Nissan. I thought this was strange that they were so insistent I drive the car home. Now I know why…. “By driving the car off the lot I accepted delivery of the car and no longer had the ability to back out of the contract!” I find this out after my third trip to get this issue corrected. Five Star Nissan knew they had no intention of honoring our deal and wanted us to drive off the lot to ensure we could not cancel our contract. They were quite happy to advise us of this after our third visit to them. .

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