Five Star Painting of Provo

Five Star Painting of Provo

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Chris Brown in September 2019 to paint the exterior color of my home. I was very specific with the color of paint I wanted my home to be. He told me he uses Behr paint, and it is the best and beats Sherwin Williams but he could match the Sherwin Williams color I wanted, no problem. | I actually had purchased a 5 gallon container of the Sherwin Williams color I wanted my house painted as we intended to paint our home ourselves. I let Chris know this and I told him they could use the paint I had purchased for matching the color and for painting my home with. He said Sherwin Williams is not a quality paint and that my warranty would be void if I went with a lower quality paint. I trusted that he would be able to match the color I wanted. | The painter showed up on a Thursday and started painting. My home was not pressure washed and the temperature was in the 30‘s when the painting began. This was a concern since the contract specified pressure washing but it was also too cold for paint. I met the project manager the week prior when my home was supposed to begin getting painted but he didn’t show up the following week to talk to me about color or even have me validate the color before the painting began. | Again, I had faith that Chris understood what I wanted and would make sure everything was right. The Painter painted my home in sections and it took a while to all come together. I had other people asking if it was primer since it was gray with bluish undertones. I thought that maybe it was. | When my home was 3/4 of the way painted they were on day 7/8 of a project I was told would be 3-4 days total (This was written down on the packet left by Chris Brown). No one reached out along the way to make sure the project was going ok or if the color was correct. I have all the phone records showing the lack of communication. | I actually reached out to Chris with an HVAC invoice due to the painters covering the furnace exhaust on some of the coldest days so we didn’t have heat for 3 days; he NEVER responded. I also reached out to Mike several times with complaints and all he said was “I’m sorry” but did nothing about my concerns. I have all the text messages documented. | Chris and Mike did not communicate at all, never asked about color or how it looked, until they wanted the remaining 50% of the payment. When I told Mike it was the wrong color he said “we should’ve caught that before we were finished”. Referring to “I should have caught that sooner”. Until all sides of my home were connected with the new color, I did not notice how bad the color was. | If they would have come to me with the paint color and had me validate it, and I signed off on it, I would NOT be complaining. I would take full responsibility; but, they never came to me with the color before they started painting my home. Mike asked me how we could resolve the issue and he wanted to come pick up the check. | I told him that I have 5 gallons of the correct color that they could use to repaint the front of my home. I told him my stucco color would be the wrong color but I can’t have my home held hostage for another 2 weeks; so if they would repaint the front, I would deal with the sides and back down the road. Mike said he had to make a few calls and he’d get back to me. | A little bit later I get a call from Chris. He tells me that Mike called him and told him of the color issue and Mike feels that I waited too long to say something so they shouldn’t have to do anything and that the front of my home has been painted for over a week. I let Chris know that information from Mike was not correct. | Chris told me that he appreciated that I would be happy with just the front getting repainted with paint I had purchased and he would get the painter scheduled to come out and do that. I get a text from Mike shortly later that the painter would be out on Saturday to repaint the front. The next day, I get a call from Chris after 7pm. | He tells me he has been spending the last 3 hours doing paint testing and the color of my home was similar to the color I had requested my home to be painted so it wouldn’t be necessary to repaint the front of my home. He wanted to come by in the next 45 minutes to show us his results. | We were not home and wouldn’t be home in the next 45 minutes and we were offended that he was telling us we don’t know what color we wanted and that the colors are ”almost the same”. The color difference was HUGE….no similarities. I told him that we didn’t need to see his paint tests. | I have a bench that is painted the correct color that is sitting in front of my home to compare the color difference to….and a shed in the back and 5 gallons we purchased months ago! He was persistent and was determined to prove us wrong. I handed the phone to my husband who immediately picked up his belittling tone and told Chris he couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. | We thought we had resolution the day before when he agreed to repaint the front of our house. The next morning, I sent him pictures showing him the comparison between the correct color and the color of our house and he said “pictures don’t show colors accurately”. Even in the pictures there was an obvious contrast difference that he wouldn’t acknowledge. | Chris was now taking back the option to repaint the front of our home because he said he is a paint expert and knows everything about paint and it makes no sense to repaint the front of our house. He wasn’t concerned with customer satisfaction or even looking at the color difference I provided him. He was determined to prove us wrong. | He began threatening putting a mechanics lien on our home if we didn’t pay him the remaining half immediately. He kept sending threats and telling us we better get a good attorney because we will need one. He lost control and told my husband to “f****** die a slow death and to die die die!” We immediately filed a police report. | This guy had fallen off the deep end. I dropped off the remaining payment to his attorney, directly, the following day, so now he is paid in full, and he was already advertising on Facebook that he already placed a lien on my home. He was calling my husband names and making jabbing remarks About him On Facebook. | The day after I paid Chris Brown in full by leaving a check at his attorneys office, I get a call from S.L. (Name abbreviated for Protection) who is with the Utah Division of Occupational Professionals and licensing and was the “investigator” assigned to the case I filed with DOPL. | He told me his the process worked and gave me hope that Chris would lose his license. When I told him I dropped off full payment to Chris’ attorney a day earlier, he told me he wished he would of called me yesterday because he would if told me not to pay him the remaining balance. I was surprised that he gave me that advice so later that evening, I did a stop payment on the check, thinking it was too late but worth a try. | Bad advice S.L. I learned yesterday that he was good for nothing. Fluffed my feathers, favs me bad advice and then left me hanging by saying he has nothing to investigate. He said when he spoke to Chris, Chris admitting telling my husband to “f****** die a slow death” but that is not a customer service issue or a threat. Apparently, he can tell all customers that and it’s fine….no big deal. | We learned from the painter Thst Chris knew it was the incorrect color from the get-go but since he has a relationship with Home Depot/Behr he gets a huge discount on the Behr paint and wanted to pocket as much money off of me. We also found out from the painter that Chris is never present when the paint is purchased! | So the painter who has broken English, was sent to pick out the color of my home. I have a statement from Chris where He says he purchased paint from Sherwin Williams to match my paint color with. The painter said the correct color from Sherwin Williams was never purchased or compared against to match the color I requested when he went to Home Depot to purchase it. | I’m guessing he hoped I wouldn’t notice the incorrect color And when I did, he is saying I noticed too late. Chris is at fault for not verifying the color to begin with. It doesn’t matter how late I noticed it was the wrong color; it was WRONG! He didn’t even try to match the Sherwin Williams color I had asked for. He was more concerned with his profit and not on customer satisfaction. | Five Star Painting is a franchise company. Neighborly is the parent company. Chris Brown should not be doing business in Utah, or any state for that matter. He does not honor a contract and twists the details to make it seem like the customer is at fault.

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