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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My wife and I booked this company for our wedding July 3, 2015. He (John, the owner) was so inviting and kind when we booked him. He (Once again, John, the owner) showed up right on time at 2pm to pick my guys and I up but we were running a little late so he sat outside until 3pm waiting for us. Everything seemed fine until the ceremony was over. He pulled me aside and said “You know your working on overtime right?” I said “Yes, I know. 1 hour. I have the money in my pocket.” Then he proceeded to take us on what seemed to be the longest 15 minute ride ever. He went the wrong way, got stuck in traffic and took an extra 45 minutes to get to a park where we were supposed to take our pictures. Our photographers got there in 15 minutes and we took an hour to get there. Then after we hurried up and took a few pictures, we then went to the reception hall. When we got there, he pulled me aside again and said, “That’ll be two hours overtime. $300.00.” I asked him “How could that be?” He then explained to me that is was 6:38PM and we booked him from 2PM until 5PM and they round up the time if its more than 10 minutes past the hour. So I asked him, “Am I supposed to pay you for getting lost and going the wrong way? Should we consider the fact that the photographer got to the park 45 minutes before we did?” He then said, “There was traffic. I didn’t know there would be so much traffic. Its not my fault.” So I replied, “Its not my fault either, but it is your fault that we went the long way to get to the park. You’re the professional driver. You’re supposed to have planned the route beforehand and you’re supposed to know where you’re going.” He then proceeded to threaten me with calling the police and “embarrassing me at my wedding” (his exact words). Then started yelling and screaming at my parents and my sister when they asked why is he doing this. I honestly think he planned to shake me down for extra money the whole time and went the long way on purpose. I can’t help but wonder, if we were not African American would he have done this to us. I plan to let everyone know that if you do not want to be taken advantage of then do not use this company!!! .

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