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Published: 02 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

You may have a good experience with Fixez, if you are lucky enough to get a good item {there are many good reviews here and other review sites}, and don’t have to deal with their Customer Support Dept., please take the time and read the bad reviews on this site most are about the lack of any kind of Customer support, I could not find a good Customer Support review, I truly wish I had!. | I ordered a Motorola Moto X Pure Display Assembly with Frame – Black 2-MO-2516, from Fixez on 8-15-16. I received this part on 8-17-16, so this is the only good thing that can be said about Fixez, their order and shipment process does do a good job. | When I opened the package the screen was missing the lower speaker grill, I went ahead and plugged in the ribbon cables to test the screen and it had a couple more defects, a pixelated line on the lower third of the screen and a redish hue on the lower right side of the screen. They must not have any Quality Controls at all to let a screen go out with missing parts and many other part suppliers state that they test each and every part prior to shipment, Fixez doesn’t even look at the part before shipping. This one was most likely a returned item to them and they shipped it out again. | I contacted them the same day as it was delivered 8-17-16, about the issues and I received a response that I could order a new one and ship back the with a RMA form for them to check out the screen and would issue a refund if all was as I described, or I could just ship back the item for a replacement. I read a couple reviews on this site that stated they would not issue refunds for a couple other model screens, so I went with just returning for replacement. I shipped the screen back with tracking, Fixez received the item on 8-20-16, I contacted them on 8-26-16 checking on the status of my RMA Screen and they said quote; | Hello, | Thank you for your email. Our returns team has not processed your return yet. However this does not mean that your return is not here. Our returns team is working tirelessly to process all the exchanges for all of our customers. There can be a 5-7 day wait from the date of delivery. Thank you for your patience in this manner. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Thank you. | Regards, | FixEZ Customer Support | This was with them already having this screen returned to them 7 days prior. I waited until 8-31-16 and still no response from them on my returned item, I contacted then again with no response, so I filed a dispute with PayPal and I received the follow response: | As per PayPal policy the part must be received back in the ware house in brand new condition before PayPal will process the dispute…………………………. We are not able to issue the refund or send out a new part once a dispute is opened. PayPal will process this according to their schedule……………………………….. PLEASE INCLUDE ORDER NUMBER WITH THE PART SO WE CAN MATCH IT TO YOUR TRANSACTION. | This was after they had the returned part for 12 days! I promptly escalated the claim after receiving their response. | Thanks to PayPal, I will be receiving a refund, | I will never use Fixez, customer service is a scam.

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