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Published: 24 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

The car Fleemings Ultimate Garage sold me was advertised as unrestored other than a paint job. Upon inspection of the vehicle my team has determined that pretty much everything on the car had been poorly restored and done with extremely poor quality. This along with the receipts you sent for the work on the car that you subcontracted out has lead us to this conclusion. Examples of this are: Motor had been removed and repainted as has the engine compartment however it wasn’t prepped properly so now its peeling because it was painted over dirt and oil. Missing fan shroud and other miscellaneous bolts. These were not reinstalled after the motor removal/replace for some reason. Interior seating has been restored as well as the carpet (which was a hack job by the way) as the passenger seat is leaning inwards towards the console and the seat belt harnesses were no reinstalled. Vinyl top is new and was installed on to a rusted roof which is now causing bubbles. It also was a hack job in that the vinyl was no properly installed under the drip rails. Missing screws to hold down drip rail on back driver side. Clear coat is pooling and running on the lower driver side of the car. There are also icicles running along the underside of the vehicle where the clear coat has run off to. Car was advertised as having all original panels when in fact we found the following: Right rear panel was cut in half to replace either the top or bottom half. Passenger side door appears to be a donor door as the locking mechanism is different than the driver side. Car appears to have been in multiple accidents as the driver door does not close properly and the panel gaps are horrible all around the rear of the vehicle. Now let’s move on to the big one. You absolutely advertised the car as rust free . The car has significant rust in the following areas: The first area is inside the trunk under the rear window. This area is almost completely rusted away and will involve significant body work. The second area is the entire floor board of the vehicle. And, to and insult to injury, the bottom has been sprayed with Rhino lining in an attempt to hide it. On the inside fiberglass has been installed to try and cover the rust spots. As a result of this shoddy workmanship the vehicle is not safe. I am also assuming this is why they didn’t re-attach the lap belt on the passenger side. There was simply no stable material to attach it to. This alone causes the vehicle to fail inspection in Texas and most other states. The final area of significant rust is the roof which I mentioned above. There is evidence of this due to the fact that the recently installed vinyl is starting to bubble. If you touch it you can feel the rust underneath. You also state in you marketing material that you guys do an inspection of the vehicles. We found several fluid leaks on this vehicle one of which were the brakes. I discovered after you told me shipping wasn’t included that it should have been because your website said it was included even at the reduced price.

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