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It is a complete no whoever is trying to buy this product.

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Published: 23 July 2019

Posted by: Pamela

If you are thinking of burning of fat faster by using this Flex Belt than I can guarantee you its not a great thought. The company is clearly stealing money from you it will be complete idiotic behaviour if someone buys this Belt. The Belt will cost you across 199 dollars along with 14.99 Dollar with additional gel pads this is the complete waste of money. It would be better if people go to the gym and burn their fat rather than wasting money on such a scam. The customer service of the company is nasty. The Belt I received had some defect in it for which I was trying to contact their customer service but the help provided by them was just a waste. I got an answer from them that my Belt will be exchanged within the week and never did anyone show up for the belt. Belts never got exchanged within turn resulted in waste of my money. I even tried calling their customer services afterwards but the call never got answered. Stop wasting your money on such a fake product and find something worth it cost. The advertisements are such fake which clams to use medical grade toning technology which can give tighter and flatter abs which have no truth in it. The company makes fake clam that you can get the results in just one week which is just as fake the product. Will never ever try to waste my money on such a piece of shit! The review even stat it all. Referring to this Belt to anyone will mean that I am cheating them and taking advantage of allowing them to waste their money. It was the worst experience I ever had in my life and the product disappointed me completely.

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