Flex Tape Review

I hope no one gets into this scam and buys this product.

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Published: 24 July 2019

Posted by: Seth

I happened to buy this product after reading about the company claim it to be a waterproof tape and also feature a triple-thick adhesive which will instantly create a watertight seal to, bond, seal, and repair almost anything which in turn resulted to be a complete waste of money. The company makes fall clam for selling their products I tried to fix a hole in a rain barrel. I already tried a roofing tape which got leaked around the edges. I tried to install the next tape as for the direction given but it didn’t work I had to face the leakage of water all day and wipe my house the whole day. The tape is a sticky mess and gets ever were and become almost impossible to remove the ness. The tape is not all like what us is advertised you will get mad trying fixing your stuff but it will not work  it will turn into your waste of time or might result in more damage if you take this tape as your only option for covering of a damage then you are going to be really disappointed by its result. So never ever try to keep this as your only option unless you want your Scamming house to get messy all around. The damage I tried to repair even got worse and at last I had to call for a plumber which coats me good amount including the crap tape I bought thinking it could repair the damage the tape is not worth its price and will give you nothing less than disappointed I can never recommend this to my family or friend.

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