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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Last year, my daughter and her best friend decided that they wanted to become flight attendants. We inquired throught a lof of different schools and chose Flight Attendant Express because they said that they were former flight attendants and would help my daughter get a job. My daughter earned her associates degree as we agreed and she stil wanted to become a flight attendant an so I kept my promise to her. Flight Attendant Express representative by the name of Dara contacted my daughter and told her how great the program was and that she would get on the spot interviews and get hired. Well, none of that happened. THe first thing was they told us that the training would be done online at first and that was a lie. It was a book of information that she had to read and memorize. My daughter did that and stayed optimistic about the promises made to her. She was told that the tuition included hotel accommodations to Orlando, FL. What they did not tell us was that she would have to share a hotel room with someone who smokes. THey also did not tell us that students had to pay for their own airfrare, food; and that the fee was non refundable. The tuition had to be paid in full before she started the classes in the amount of almost $2000. When my daughter got to ORlando, she was very disappointed as they were put up in a low budget hotel and she had a room mate that was twice her age. On top of that, the “instructors” were very nasty, rude, and pushy to not just my daughter but to other students. They did nto have a school facility as menitoned, it wasa conference room and at the end there were no interviews. They went to a Jet Blue training facility but we found out that this was not needed because this trainng happens if a person is hired at an airline company to begin with as we later found out. The only training you get is in a simulator at the facility and then on a raft in some water. The image consultant was providing common sense information and just being outright nasty to the other students in class. I have made several attempts to get in contact and the only thing i have gotten is the run around. My daughter did not get what was promised and we want our money back. Also, my daughter still has not gotten a job as a flight attendant but they claim to have lifetime placement assistance and that is not true. We had a bad experience with these people and would advise anyone who wants to be a flight attendant to just apply online with airline companies and wait for a response. Going through this course does nothing but waste honest hardworking peoples money. These people are immature and unprofessional. If you go online and look up the school, reviews and rebuttals you will see their lack of unprofessionalism. Anyone who is looking at this post; do yourself a favor and go to a real college that will offer you a degree or certification because this willl not get you anything and it is not even recognized by any airline company or any reputable entity. Buyer Beware. .

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