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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Hi to start off me and my family sell beauty products and premium candles. so I processed 225 $ threw flint mobile app . Everything went smoth. So I tell my Partner to sign up also. He doesn’t have A bank account so I tell him he could Use mine. Nothing wrong about that. He only processes 1 transaction for 98$. Everything is looking so good , everything Was going as explained. Then next day morning I checked my flint account Just to be on top of my things & Everything was good ; so we shipped out Everybodies orders. we spent our hard earned money on shipping and handling And let alone the products which we Payed out of pocket thinking we where Going to get compensated the next day Which we weren’t . They emailed us from There risk department saying they would like some of our information . Okay so We called and we where on hold for 20 mins be for we where able to talk To someone . We talked to a young Lady she was very nice and she Connected me to there risk department . I explained to him that I shipped the goods and that I used money out of pocket. I told him I have proof shipment . I explained to him that they never called To advise me or anything. I told him That I needed my money and he said that He refunded my money. He said there’s nothing I could do or nothing they could. I then asked hI’m if he gave my money Away he said yes.I asked him to speak to a manger he said no , he’s not going to Connect my to anyone with an very Disrespectful tune. He then made up a story of how he dealed with me a week ago. All lies total f**king lies . So I’m Out the money and the merchandise. Flint has made my life impossible . I didn’t do anything to deserve this Nor did I do anything wrong. He then said Bye do not call we will not answer for you. Then he clicked I called and spoke to Robert. He said no one is going to speak to you do not call anymore. I never Have felt so cheated and violated at the Same time. They say there very simple And stress free. I wouldn’t wish this Type of service to anyone. I juse lost 400 But hopefully they lose more business By me exposing the true flint.com. Please Don’t not fall for there scam You will not get your money & the worst Part is you can’t do nothing about it. It also take 3-5 days for your costumers To get there money back. So you will Defenitly lose your clients. Costumer Service @flint was the worst I ever Experienced before rude, unprofessional , arrogant high risk departent. Stay away They will con you.every time I call They no who I am and leave me on hold for hours. I was never rude , I only asked How I could get my money. He said I lost it Try a different service. This is my story I hope it is helpful for anyone he is Thinking about usING flint.com Don’t they are hi class scammer , the Only thing you will gain a headache and Complaining costumers. Use (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin) Overall flint risk department was the rudest incounter i ever had. There risk department is only 1 person. They sound like there in 1 office in cubicles . Not A please the experience. You where Warned do not use flint if you want your Money.

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