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Published: 20 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Very bad Company! It is one of the MANY companies run under Premier Mentoring. They are NOT Better Business Bureau accredited, have over 99 attorney general complaint. Do business under 9 different names. Contractors are hired to reel people into every stage of commitment then disappear. In other words they hire people who are very well spoken and have tons of creditably (like the ex pastor who specializes in raising money for non profit organizations) and experienced in real estate investing who spend a lot of "mentoring" time with you during the 3 day seminar basically coaching you to ramp up all the limits on your credit cards, apply for new credit cards and access any liquid capital you may have. Literally they have you doing this on lunch breaks. Now I know why. Because at the end of the third day you are expected ("if you dont want to end up a drab statistic") to come up with $32,000 to 43,000 for different levels of "advanced next step training". Please understand that although these people seem very sincere and make you think they have the answers to all your financial problems, once the credit card or check is written you will never see them again as they dont even work for the company! They are hired contractors paid to reel you in. I was one of the suckers who bought the main speaker David "Fryman" Freier’s spiel hook, line, and sinker. This guy was brilliant! Talking 100 miles an hours so you cant quite write what he is saying, letting you know how intelligent/scientific his training methods were, making you laugh and warmly sharing his own failures in real estate all the while barking out orders to repeat what he says and to give him positive feedback so that he might customize the level of training he gives you. "Can you handle the next step?" and "this is Level 3 stuff I’m giving you" and "Can I get a yes or a yes!" He would also insult members of the audience every once in a while just to keep you in line. It was a little like brainwashing but it worked. Even sharing the sad story of losing his 3 month old daughter and how he would pay anything to see what she would look like now. In the end I knew very little about practical real estate investing but boy did I feel great about myself! I and about 25 other couples enthusiastically plopped down payment for three different mentoring packages. I estimated that they made a cool $500,000 that last day, but changed my mind once my husband (a federal law enforcement officer) and I did some research on the company and speaker. I am now trying to get a refund. Its been two weeks and I get nothing but the run a round. I should have know better when I saw that all the training material I was given was full of typos and misspellings, the accompanying cd instantly gave my computer a virus, which I am still trying to clean up and you can hardly reach anyone at the numbers they provide. I have been told by a "Helen" (no last names are ever given) that my refund is forth coming, but every time I call to get an endless round of voice mails, elevator music and young people who apologize but then connect you to other voice mails! Please do your self a favor and run, dont walk from this company. Remember all they are teaching is public knowledge.

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