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Racist place, don’t go

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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Floral Park Dentist is one of the worst dental clinics out there. The dentists perform wrong operations on the patients in the name of ‘treatment’ so they can make more money. Ask anyone if it’s considered ethical and I’m sure you’ll get a ‘NO’ in reply. These people are treating their patients as ATM machines. These guys are extremely racist. This is another big reason why I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to come here. If you’re a colored person, avoid it because you’ll hate it a lot.
Their blog says that they know the value of a smile and how it can affect your personality. They falsely claim that they are motivated to using the latest research and technology to help their patients at the best possible level. According to them, their doctors are highly affordable and they discourage racism. But the reviews from patients say a totally different story. They have been rated 2 out of 5 stars repeatedly by different patients and my experience has been a lot worse than I had expected. I wish I could rate them zero out of five stars and then post my review.
Dentists at Floral Park Dentist are very unprofessional. A friend of mine needed an oral cleanup and rather than cleaning, the dentist left floss in her mouth which she pulled out while brushing before bed. She is having a lot of pain after coming back from the clinic and my friend finds the dentist responsible for this. For just a cleaning he injected her with some drug and the reason was lame as fuck that this is a new method. I do not know what was wrong with him but my friend says that he was saying something about her having a darker skin tone.
I needed a cap to the root canal I had two days earlier from the same clinic. Well, the root canal has a complete miserable or horrible story. The dentist injected me four times and still could not ease the pain I had. I somehow recovered from the pain but needed a cap on my molar. I don’t know if I should laugh at them or be furious but the cap came off as soon as I reached home.
Most of the patients have reported an unhealthy environment in the clinic. The clinic is not clean and personal hygiene is also unknown to the doctors and other staff members. The doctors are unable to build a connection with their patients which makes the situation difficult for both parties. To treat your patients at a better level, the doctor needs to build a relationship with the patient, know his history, and then treat him. These are just a few issues discussed here but the patients have posted a lot of negative reviews about Floral Park Dentist on different websites. Oral hygiene is really important and to maintain it, you need to have a checkup regularly. Be sure about the clinic you choose.

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