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Published: 08 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On march 13th 2015 the Hammond LA police department came to my house stating they had 2 felony theft warrants for my husband. They were threaten to kick in my door so I told them to show me the warrants and I would let them in. Well my door was unlocked and they walked right in, I was holding my 7 month old daughter they had guns drawn running through my house telling me if I didn’t tell them where he was they were taking me to jail! I told them I thought he ran out the back door but he was hiding in the house which I was unaware of. They then arrested him and myself and told me to call someone to take my daughter. I was scared to death never been in trouble before. When we get to jail the OCS worker is there I asked her what would happen if I went to get my daughter when I bonded out BC they didn’t have custody at this time. She told me it would be kidnapping. They then transported us to another jail and come to find out the warrants were not even for my husband and just threw them away then charged him with domestic violence and kept me in jail for 5 days for harboring a fugitive even though the warrants were not for him. They just wanted to get him with the domestic charge BC there were alegaltions being made by a nosey neighbor. Mean while OCS puts my 7 month old daughter in a foster home never even calls any of the relatives we gave them and leaves here there for 2 12 wks. They never followed the preventive services they said since I ask3d about getting her she was in immideate danger. But they were at my house an hour prior to the arrest and had no reason to take her. I was the alleged victim in this case but treated like a criminal. My first visit with my daughter was 3/23/15 the foster mom brought my daughter in the visit full of diarrhea. I then take her to the visitation room which was filthy. Proceed to check her over head to toe..Im a nurse. I open her diapernto change her and she has a diaper rash so bad it was full of blisters I couldn’t even wipe her all the way BC she was in so much pain. I had to leave her diaper off the entire visit. Her nose was full of snot she was wheezing. She had some sort of bite on her finger. I had advised the dcfscworker that my daughter had an ear infection and needed a follow up appointment. The foster mom was never advised of this. My daughters finger nails and toe nails were full of dirt. The dcfs worker never said anything to the foster mom regarding Avery’s appearance and condition. I then spoke up telling her I felt they had nothing but lazy incompetent people working for them. I kept pressing for her to take my daughter to the E.R and she finally instructed the foster mother to do so. She then told me the foster mom was ready to leave cutting my visit 17 min short which seems unfair considering I get 1 hour a week with my baby. I called everyday to get an update on my child and everyday she told me the same thing she had not heard anything. This was insane to me. Finally on the 3rd day when I called she had a report for me. I took pictures of my child’s bottom and no one did anything. The day I was released from jail I went straight to their office took a drug test as they requested which was negative and asked to get my case plan so I could get my daughter back asap. I completed there case plan 2 months ago. Taken there drug tests, psych eval, and substance abuse evals. Everything they have asked. I have been asking for extra visits since April with no luck she doesn’t return my calls and I have filed complaint after complaint. So she has threatened me saying if I cause her any more trouble she will move my daughter from my cousin to a foster home. As of June 4th she has not been up to date on her shots.I have requested a new worker with no luck. Avery was taken BC my husband and I were arrested on false charges a d they held her from me even when I was released. All of the charges have been dropped. I have completed there case plan and yet they still have my child. I have been treated like a criminal when in was the alleged victim. I have lost my job,car,house and most important my daughter BC of these devils. My daughter will be 1 year old on July 29th. I have already missed her first steps and many other precious moments, I can never get back. I have been robbed of these once in a lifetime events! Children at the age have the highest rate of separation anxiety. This is only harming my child. They told me wh3n they took her she was so well taken care of I didn’t need parenting classes. In the court petition I was never a concern it was my husband so why do they still have my child. These people are corrupt and evil! If anyone out there has any advice or can help me please please reach out. I have tried everything I know to do.

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