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Published: 13 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am completely unhappy with the way your company conducts business. I call for the 3rd time on May 28 to check on the process of my application. The lady informed me that she had some questions to ask me and they were the same questions I had answered the last 3 times I had called. But when I shared that information with her, she told me that the information was entered into the computer incorrectly. Right there that should have been my RED FLAG! She told me not having that information was holding up the process of my application. REALLY! WOW! Okay everything is ready to go she told me she gave me the account numbers for both my children, she instructed me to make a payment before the 30th and I did make that payment. I asked her if I could make doctor appointments for my son’s when I got off the phone, she told me that would be fine. I called the doctor’s office and we have an appointment for Monday June 9, 2014. 12 days from the 28th. This pasted weekend on Saturday June 7, I receive the letter I have attached. Saying my children are approved and have insurance. We show up to the appointment early to fill out paper work, while there the patient account service lady asked me to come to her office, while there she told me my son’s do not have insurance, it is showing inactive. I am not a happy person. I took the day off work without pay to come to their scheduled doctor’s appointments and now they cannot be seen. I called your company to find out what was going on, they told me I made my payment late and it takes some time to process the payment, the payment was made on May 28, 2014 and today is June 9, 2014. How long does it take? I made the payment when I was told to. WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED FOR DOING WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO? The lady told me my payment was late again. How is my payment late when I had been calling and this was the first time I was approved for the insurance, I do not have ESP, she told me the payments are processed the month before, I was NOT approved the month before, so how would l have known to make a payment. The letter I received on June 7, 2014 was the first letter I had received. She told me that is how our system works. I asked to speak to a supervisor, she left me on hold for 20 minutes. Then Justin V. (the supervisor) he told me the same thing as above. Your process is CRAP, I paid when I was told to, I asked if it was okay to make an appointment the lady on the 28th told me we were approved and everything was good to go. So why now am I being told my son’s do not have insurance? Justin V. told me he could rush the paper work but it would take 24 hours, I can’t just take another day off of work without pay to take my son’s to the doctors when I already did so. I prepaid for Florida kidcare for 2 months and I was told on the 9th they do not have insurance because the payment was not processed. I am so upset about this, why is it okay to treat people this way! I will be writing to everyone I can until something is changed. My son’s did not have insurance from the 1st of June to the 9th of June, will I be receiving a portion of my insurance payment back since on the 9th of June they did not have insurance??? And I wasted a whole day without pay to not see a doctor?? I little while later still very upset with the outcome of the day I called back to Florida kids care to talk to Justin V. Supervisor and her name is Matilda P. The customer service rep. told me they do not directly transfer calls to her, she would email her my information and I should hear back from her, that was on Monday and today is Wednesday and SUPRISE I have not heard anything. I hope something changes in the future because this is a very unorganized company. .

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