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Published: 28 February 2019

Posted by: CoeSmith

2 letters dated 11.14.17 were received to my home address on 11.23.17 stating that I was to call or show up to my local office no later than 11.29.17 to avoid further action of possibly suspending my drivers license. The letters were identical and stated that I was not correctly paying my child support for either child. I went to the Dept.of Revenue on 11.29.17. This costs me time in-paid for work due to (Again) inaccurate reporting. I got there the gentlemen who assisted me was very nice, however he reviewed both of my cases and saw nothing out of order. I was in a child support modification hearing for my daughter in September. Received a HORRIBLE increase, and I am also paying for the mother”s supplemental insurance that does not even cover my daughter. I was appalled at the fact the judge or magistrate even considered that expense, staying on topic though, from my modification hearing, the Dept. of Revenue sent my employer a letter to deduct the increase. I acknowledged the receipt of the notice from my employer and the deductions have since begun. So to receive this letter now stating that I am not paying correctly for either child when I 2 letters have been sent to my SAME employer advising them of the current deductions for both of my cases. These are official letters from the Dept. of Revenue. My employer provides me the copies. A few years back I got a part-time job at a Hotel working the overnight shift. The Dept. of Revenue saw “new” reported income and just attached my child support to that job in ADDITION to my full-time job. It to SIX weeks to get that stopped because the Dept. of Revenue finally realized I was already being deducted and paying CORRECTLY! Also in both of my cases the Dept. of Revenue and the Clerk of Courts have 2 DIFFERENT balances on both cases that aren”t even close and the response I get to that question is, “We are two separate entities”. As true as that may be, there should be a Human interest to resolve the discrepancy, a Customer Service reason to solve the discrepancy, and maybe it is someone”s job to resolve the discrepancy. If I am summoned to your office due to a letter you sent me stating inaccurate information and I leave your office without a new letter stating the letter was sent in error, that could cause someone a problem. What if the “systematic” snafu that caused this continues to the DMV and my license “inadvertently” gets suspended. I have nothing in my glove box to state that the letter or information was incorrect. I don”t want credit for taking care of my kids, The State of Florida has no idea what I do for my children. If the State of Florida really cared about these kids, they would have the kids where child support is received, visited. Or, visit with the child. Have them interviewed, see if they are happy in their homes where this “support” is being sent. Interview the Grand Parents about what type of Father I am, not my parents, the parents of each of my children”s mothers. Again, not that it matters, my kids love me and I them. I don”t need to prove any of that to anyone. Woman use this system because they can. That doesn”t make it right or fair. I would like some answers if I am due any.

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