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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First start by saying this company ITS DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL!!!! When I first called Fpl (Florida power and light ) I was asked for a abusive amount of money for deposit $560 considering the fact that I have low income and get food stamps !!! I had no other choice but to ask my brother for help and luckily for me he said yes and he was required to pay NO deposit ! Everything was fine until 10 months after. I received a bill for an amount of $1666.58 plus my regular monthly charges . I was going through a lot of stress and immediacy contacted my brother he contacted the company . It turned out to be that SULAY RODRIGUEZ shows in public records with the same adress ??? First of all why is he even being charged with someone else’s debts just because their name shows up on their adress some how ??? After several weeks off trying to solve the matter with investigations department they decided to temporary let us pay our bill after sending some documentions proving him and that persons never lived together ! Everything seem to be good until now , I relocated to an apartment and transfer my services to my new address and 2 weeks a go the same problem arrives and this time they threatend to disconnect services of amount was not paid by the due date time . I obviously didn’t have the money to 1666.58 plus my regular bill my brother again tried with all his power to resolve the matter but nothing will convince them . My services got disconnected Friday the 11/15/2014 I was left with no electricity not to mention I live with my father who is a very sick man with a heart condition who needs oxygen sometimes and has low pressure problems , and takes several strong medications and can’t not be on heat temperatures with the pains medications he takes that included (oxicodone ) and my soon who’s asmathic and need adbuterol and pulmincon for his asma . All this was explains to them yet the light was still off . After trying all the resources to solve the matter I dediced to change the power to my husband name SINCE IT WAS A CRITICAL SITUATION, and I was with no power sleeping with my father and son I the car with ALL MY SONs milk and all the food going bad I was forced to put power under my boyfriend name , but that wasnt helpfull they resend me another bill now saying they will disconnect power if the 1666.58 amount is not paid. PLEASE HELP ME !!! THIS CRIMINALS MAKING ALL OF US SUFER I CANT TAKE THE STRESS anymore I had ask friends to let me sleep over i feel like a homeless person with a roof paid , my rent it’s paid yet am homeless cause I don’t have electricity. .

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