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NOT A 5 STAR RATED COMPANY. Don’t fall for their claims!!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Jonathan

Last year I called up these people to test water at my home. A salesman came up with many deals asking us to install their system and that charges were on discount during that particular time and it was cheapest offer throughout the year. We agreed to do it and within the same day they came and set up the whole thing. The first week, we were very happy with all the soft water it felt pure and healthy. On the very 8th day after the installation there was leakage from somewhere and the water was back to like how it was before. We called them up and they sent a technician, who came and resolved the issue and it was fixed in no time and we were charged with $85. It was really frustrating as they had told us in the beginning that the servicing would be free. This was ridiculously a scam because soon after this happened in the next four days the same leakage problem happened again. And then we called these people again and they said they will be sending over a technician in the next three days and then kept delaying and avoiding calls! After two weeks the technician came and fixed the leakage and again charged us for 85 damn bucks! I wanted to cancel their stupid service and asked them to take back the system, the technician said that I would have to go to the main office and discuss it with them, when I went there, the lady over there told me that at this point I have no other option than continuing with them and even if I removed the complete system I’d have to keep on paying for the whole year! These people are big scamsters, their service is absolute bullshit they just set you up in a long term membership and then earn money from you throughout. It’s been almost 9 months and I’m stuck with these losers and every time the problem arises they charge so much and then I’m paying them also monthly! Whoever is reading this, no matter how specialised and high standard they claim to be don’t fall for them!

And this is not just from me I have heard many complaints for them offline and online. I also found a similar case like mine on the internet that said,
“The installation had some difficulties and when i called asking for technician to stop by to stop a leak and explain why we were not using any salt – i get a bill for $65.88 which has now (due to their late charges amounts to $84.15). NOTES: (1) The unauthorized $65.88 charge was deducted from my checking account and is documented; (2) The owner states to be \”a little confused\” about this stating the he \”never had a credit card\” from me; (3) I offered him to cancel the $84.15 invoice and repair or (if necessary) replace the Culligan unit since the unit never did work and has \”the original three bags of salt\”. Since the owner (as stated by his Office Manager*) is still in denial and threatening to turn the case over to collection agency and/or an attorney – damaging my credit rating. “

This is exactly what I experienced and everyone of their customers are facing! Don’t fall for them. They claim on internet that they are rated 5+ and are one of the best water service providers in the city, it’s all fake, they are just out there to earn money by giving their yearly deals and showing you the benefits of the water analysis system which you will want to take up but please don’t fall for this company and let them fool you and rob you off your money. Florida Water Analysis is not a 5 star rated company. Don’t fall for their claims. They will rip you off and leave you there to fend off for yourself. They don’t deserve to be associated with any cost. They are a nonsensical company with absurd claims that are all false. Beware! I am warning you!

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