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Their customer support or student affairs section is not very responsive!

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Published: 07 August 2019

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Some of you might be thinking of learning different languages. The reason could be anything. Some people just like knowing different languages and some of you are planning to move to a different state and learning a new language is your necessity. But how can you learn all these? You can search for help on Google or YouTube but the videos you would refer to might not be good enough. You should consult a proper teacher for the purpose. Finding a teacher or institute for language is not a hassle but choosing the best alternative is a risky choice. You have to spend money and moreover, you want to learn something so the best school will always be the priority. Opening institutions has become a business for people. Their main focus is to earn and not educating others. This list of businessmen disguised as teachers includes Fluent City.
Fluent City is a language learning institute which started operation in 2011. According to their company profile, they have an innovative idea of teaching languages. They instruct individuals, groups, and businesses in eleven different languages. They have a contemporary approach and provide proper curriculum through in-person classes, online discussions, and corporate training.
Does Fluent City follow what they claim in their profile? No, they do not. At some point, they might be good but the reviews say the total opposite of their claim to have a contemporary approach and innovative idea. Most of the students who chose them for language learning are dissatisfied.
For some customers, the perks are not good enough. They chose Fluent City to seek knowledge and proper language learning but they did not get what they were expecting. The level of expectations was not met by the teachers and instructions were not clear. Some students say that the language was not taught clearly so it became quite difficult for them to understand.
My friend says that he chose Fluent City as they had some discount offer for the upcoming batch. Though he had 50% off still he felt like wasting his money because the teachers there were not good enough. For him, the environment was fine but it did not count as the teaching methodology was not good enough.
Another student reported that they claim to have an innovative idea but in reality, they do not have anything unique with their idea. She chose to study in a group but the group members had chosen different languages to learn. She had to maintain focus on other languages too even though she did not choose them to learn. She registered her complaint to the so-called student affairs section, but no proper action was taken.
The reviews of students show that Fluent City is not at all properly managed. In today’s era, student/customer support is highly focused by organizations but unfortunately, Fluent City has this area under-developed.
Language learning is important but the institution must be good enough to teach you everything about the language simply and easily.

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