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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

. Fluent, Inc. is the WORST kind of SPAMMER out there. They sent we 6 e-mails from Reward Zone USA and when I clicked opt-out, the opt-out link was “broken”. What’s worse is that Fluent, Inc. is the kind of company who says “We didn’t send the e-mails, we used an e-mail service.” Knowing full well that meant to illegally SPAM. Fluent, Inc. is deceptive. They’ve avoided more complaint because they use other company names. Fluent, Inc. offers people gift cards that never materialize. Fluent, Inc. is a terrible, terrible company. I contacted Fluent, Inc. to tell them that I am really upset about their harassment and I had their people stalking my Linkedin for weeks. They offered me a $100 gift card to settle the matter. Ha! That’s insulting. They then hired Scott Schaffer a “class action” defense attorney. This clown offers me $1,000. I said “No way Scott!!” About everyone I know that has a computer has been scammed by this company, Fluent, Inc. offering gift cards that never materialize. It’s time we FOUGHT BACK!!! PLEASE! If you have received e-mail SPAM from RewardZoneUSA or any company offering gift cards that never materialize, it;s Fluent, Inc. Contact your Attorney General and the FTC. We should be able to band together and get Fluent, Inc. sued!

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