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Published: 16 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Hello to Everyone. Looking to do business with Fluitron Inc ? Or maybe invest or maybe you are on the look for a new exciting job…. Well, guess what, this is NOT your typical BBB approved business with good reputation, happy customers and reviews – THIS IS SCAMM FACTORY. You will be advised (by the sales department of two, 1 sales person and 1 – his manager) to do business only with US, for we are the leaders and we are the cheapest…bla bla bla. Made In U.S.A., but from rebranded parts of the lowest quality supplied from China. Everyone does that. No big deal. But the leading ”manufacturer” diaphragm compressors and other equipment is in this very small, dark and dirty building with the major roof leak problem ( ask for a factory tour )? We’re not buying a company, just a product thats priced well, we thought. In China today (and i visit often) you can find fully automated factories with 3D laser inspection that run 24/7. And so had purchased 2 diaphragm compressors back in March, 2013 (i know it doesn’t make much sense, but we still did it) and we payed 50% deposit and they said to expect the delivery after 6 weeks. Three weeks later we decided to call-in, check the status/progress and they were “happy to notify” its more then half way done, will be delivered on time, why can’t we take care of remaining balance now? Sure why not…..(no problems this far). And only three days before delivery we get an email (not a conference call, like we did before) due to the weather in the ocean our suppliers were not able to ship remaining parts, expected delay – 1 week. We try calling but there is nobody talk to (not availible/vacation/sick). Another two weeks went by and no calls, not even emails, what the fack is going on here!!! Now at this point it takes a whole facking week just to get their vice president to call back (highly unprofessional). Endless meetings, my company’s management going crazy over this “partners***”. He (Fluitron’s VP – Robert Chiccarine – ignorant piece of s***) now promised to deliver when its ready and no word as to “how much facking longer”. We finanaly got those two gas compressors delived (and thats after almost 6 month waiting for it, good job, Flui-fackig-tron), but now we have a problem. One compressor doesnt run…. Two days later (notice how quickly) their engineer showed up to investigate the issue…i cant find nothing wrong, it was probably damaged durring the shippment, but since its under warranty you, gentelmen, have nothing to worry about… Then they sent two technicians from Philadelphia and the next 4 weeks they spent here wasn’t enough to find and fix the problem, so then they even had parts switched between units. And that means that one that was running OK had to be out service. Lessons lerned. “You wanna stay away from Fluitron just like you wanna stay away from AID’s” Share your story .

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